What do YOU dream???


Not so much the dinner-too-late dreams. Or the too-much-news dreams.

I’m asking about the ones that leave you taking really deep breaths and brushing away a tear or two and braving the cold and even the fear to – well – do something!

I’ve been having a lot of those dreams lately. And, yes, Grandmother Moon, who graciously agreed to have the photo you know stand by for just a bit, is the leader of my personal Dream Team, hanging there on the wall next to my pillow.

The photo at the top, though, is her heart.

And, yes… it’s nearly the same size, on the canvas, as her head, which works way better in the land of Intentional Creativity® than it would have in some of the places I used to hang out!

The prayer dots are, of course, for love. All the kinds our world needs so desperately. Now.

And the red thread reminds me of just how connected we all are to those who will matter on our journeys. Those who walk with us, as well as those who came before us and those who will come after us. Like this one:

Yep! This is the wee one who shifted my whole perception of the universe… who helped me see through Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother eyes!

When we get right down to real, my dreams are about my girls. About the world they are trying to navigate. The world their own possible littles will inherit.

And, then, the morning comes. I convince my knees to put my feet on the floor and I get up and set out on my part of the path.

The path to the place where I feel called. The place Frederick Buechner described as…

One of the biggest things has been realizing – and claiming – the amazing truth that part of my calling is to help others find – and claim – their way along that path!

And NOW is the time to start! Or to take the next steps!

So, I’m doing it. And you’re invited…

(Yep… it’s safe, even though it’s red!)

ps… already claimed your dream? Great! Path not quite clear??? Obstacles between here and there??? This is for you, too! (And a whole lot more effective than 47 choruses of Somewhere, over the rainbow…)

pps… we start soon! With laying it down in a small, intentionally safe group. In a world full of things we can’t change, there really are big things that we can! So, take a deep breath… and tug! We’ve got this!!!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach