Embody-ing Me!

Just between us, I’ve been trying – for a lot of years now – to pretend that my body’s main job is to carry my heart and mind around the world, while I accomplish the things they put on my list.

In addition to being a fairly lumpy sentence, that theory doesn’t work real well in practice, either.

Yesterday was a good day for reflecting on such things!

It turns out that my body has a really, really good memory.

My knees, of course, remember their various encounters with scalpels and bone saws. Also an unfortunate adventure with one of those huge exercise balls and the floor.

My ribs remember breaking sounds and the resulting huge resistance to moving.

All of me remembers being in labor, 44 years ago. Well, not consciously. The seizures kind of messed with the conscious part.

And all of those memories went with me to physical therapy!

It was cold and wet and there were several voices in my head suggesting that I could just skip that particular event on my calendar.

And then there was my right hand, insisting that we go. Dry needles and all.

You see, my right hand – being mostly in charge of painting – has been really busy lately, helping the rest of me learn and sort and claim new things.

Here’s the big news…

It seems that there are insights which are easier to find if we be our way to them, instead of trying to just think our way there.

And, bringing visions into being works really well for me!

Here’s an example…

My first Legend painting.

She was my third-ever painting and I was terrified. Mostly because I had been well schooled in the notion that…

WE don’t do symbols. Other people do, but we are not like them.

But, it turns out that WE can learn, if we’re willing to lay down limiting beliefs like that one!

It helps if we allow ourselves to experiment with allowing our inspire – ations to be included. I didn’t know it then, but this was the early days of my bringing my commitment to voice and choice into form.

And, as I sat gazing about for inspiration, I found myself focusing on her right hand – which some might say is a symbol of power – reminding me that taking a night off to rest my hand was likely to be a good embodied investment!

Which isn’t bad for a six year old painting, teaching me still! And she has another job, these days!

Waving at you! And whispering…

Hi! Come closer. Find YOUR North Star. Claim your vision. See what’s possible!

It’s Alchemy. And we start soon! Click HERE for all the info…

For tonight… huge gratitude for the baby boy who withstood all those challenges with me years ago and inspires me, still!

ps… yep! Often, we really do need to DO something different in order to claim our new paths. To keep our promises. So, click the thing and listen deep. We could all use some alchemy!

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