Look What Followed Me Home!

On one of those recent days when it almost, but not quite, rained all day, I was headed home from a lunch meeting, my inner locavore foodie in a very needy mood! My car, being fairly intuitive as those things go, somehow wound up on the curb in front of Pine Street Market in Avondale. Shopping at Pine Street is a bit of an adventure because you’re never quite sure what you’ll find. It depends on what the farmers brought!

Well, on that particular day, I was in luck! Ribeye steaks. Big, gorgeous, thick ribeye steaks. Owner and master butcher, Rusty Bowers, was all too happy to tell me about the steaks.

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New Beginnings

In a few moments, it will be Monday again. I hope that your weekend has been wonderful. Easter. Passover. Gorgeous weather. Growing peace in the midst of faith rocked to the core. Or even a bit of precious time to do something on your list, rather than all the other lists in your world. (Sometimes realism is useful!)

I spent my Easter moments planting seeds. Arugula, lots of lettuce, parsley, collards, kale, hoping against hope that whatever ate most of the last crop of collards will be somewhere else this year because I don’t do bug spray! Misting the seeds and a bit of composting, and a couple of cups of tea filled out my morning.

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