A funny thing happened on the way to Wednesday…

Tuesday night! More specifically, our first preview call for Medicine Basket your way… Unsticking Stuck Money Stuff!

We had a blast! Friends were made. Stories were shared. And stuff was, in fact, unstuck.

Some of that stuff was unstuck in me! (Part of the magic is that the tools work even when you know how they work… which makes for great tools to collect!)

As you can imagine, my sister-in-magic, Natalie Moyes, and I were pretty busy with our group’s learning during the actual call. Meanwhile, the Muse and Grandmother Moon were listening in. I know this because they dragged me out of bed at first light with a head full of ah-ha’s.

And, in the spirit of we all start right where we are, here’s one of the biggies for me….

I realized that I had assumed (Yep! I know…) that the folks in the room had read all the stuff we worked so hard to create for the piece of the path to registration commonly known in the biz as the sales page.

I mean, I read them. (Other people’s.) Several times. I read them when I think there’s no way I can sign up for an offer in the moment. I read them when I’m pondering. I read them 5 or 6 times even when I know I’m signing up.

Which, as it turns out, may be weird.

In any event, having seen the light, there are some things that need a bit of re-phrasing around here. The first thing – and it’s kind of odd for people talking about – you know – money, but the page formerly known as the sales page is now, officially, the Alignment Page!

Pearl and Daphne and Waldo all agreed with Natalie and me that it’s our way of talking about what we’re doing and why it matters so that people just like you can see if it feels aligned, for you.

You know, as we do, that transformation happens best in a place that feels supportive enough to risk new things. New perspectives. New thoughts. New strategies and beliefs. New tools. And, when you get right down to it, getting unstuck takes all of those things!

So, the Alignment Page is in the midst of an update. A bit less of this. A bit more of that. Some entirely new perspectives.

One of those perspectives grew out of our answer to a question that was asked last night.

It had to do with the notion of guarantees.

The inquiry went something like this… If we sign up for this journey, what do you guarantee will happen?

It’s a totally understandable question.

Here’s the answer that’s aligned for our team…

Our job is to create the container and to provide tools that reliably help people – real people who are open to change – get free enough to intend and allow it to actually happen.

The metaphor that came to mind last night was a fabulous stock pot as a container and excellent quality, down-to-earth tools for ingredients.

(And, yes, I have a thing for bone broth! Please feel free to substitute seafood broth or veg broth… we can work with all kinds of needs.)

YOUR job, should it feel aligned for you to join us, is to provide the thing that’s still missing from our pot of broth. The ENERGY!

Without that, we just wind up with a big pot of water and squishy stuff.

And, yes, there are details about the money-back part of guarantees on the Alignment Page.

There are also details about our preview call on Saturday – with a whole new tool for your medicine basket – along with materials, and dates and all that stuff we need to know to make adventures like this work. (We start April 5th!)

So if, by chance, you don’t currently have quite the resources you need to live your needs and dreams…


ps… we really hope you’ll join us live for Saturday’s preview call! That’s where you get a magic code for a significant investment savings and a sweet bonus! The link to register is on the Alignment Page, too!

pps…when you sign up, you’ll also receive my bone broth recipe as part of another bonus!

They’re baaaack!

Yep, Romper Room and corn on the cob!

There was a time in my life when these odd partners somehow meant home and safety to me.

As the old story goes, my dad was explaining to my 3 1/2 or 4-ish year old self that we were moving from Cleveland to Pittsburg. Already something of an expert at the moving thing, I had just two questions…

Do they have Romper Room?

Do they have corn on the cob?

Assured that they did, I agreed (!) to go.

And, yes, if you’ve been reading along for a while, you may have heard parts of this story before.

Here’s the thing… life is for learning!

And, as I learn new things, those old issues of home and safety tend to reappear. (You may have noticed a similar tendency inside yourself!)

So, a couple more questions, this time from the Guide Grammy & Personal Alchemist within me..

What has been that sort of home/comfort/safety touchstone for you?

Is it still working?

And, one more, given all the contextual challenges of our time…


You’re right! That last one is the most challenging for many of us.

Quite possibly because it implies trying new things. Things we don’t do.

It involves making choices instead of doing it the way we’ve always done it.

It involves asking for what we need, which was not necessarily something we learned in our Romper Room years!

And, quite often, it involves resources. Things like time and space and money.

But all of that is, indeed, possible!

In fact, it’s predictable… if we add some new beliefs and strategies to our personal medicine baskets!

And, you’re in luck!

Medicine Basket your way… Unsticking Stuck Money Stuff is about to start!

But, before that, there’s a FREE PREVIEW CALL, Tuesday, March 29 at 7:30pm ET.

If you join my sister-in-magic, Natalie Moyes, and me, you’ll go home with one of those new strategies for your medicine basket! You can even invite your friends and family to join you by sharing this blog post with them!

Let’s be real… money has a whole lot of junk attached to it. Here’s the bottom line…

Money is energy and choice!

And, unless you have all of both of those you need to live your deepest, most aligned life & legacy, this adventure is just what you need! Clicking is the next right thing!


ps… the painting-in-progress? See the silver thumb print dot, 2nd from the bottom, in the middle? That represents the node of foundation in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. And what we’re talking about is foundation-al for your life! (Though it may not be exactly what the ancient Hebrews meant…)

pps… you may, indeed, bring your own corn on the cob!

Truth comes when we FEEL it!

Just between us, Monday kinda sucked.

I was tired and sore and stressed after lots of strange, swirly, unclear dreams. And, though I wasn’t conscious of it then, I think I was having a let-down spell after a Sunday spent hanging out in virtual spaces filled with energy that empowers me.

Long story short, CNN wasn’t feeling all that uplifting in comparison.

Also, there were LOTS of things on the tech-elf list that seemed urgent at the time.

I began with my usual plan. Lots of hot water with fresh lemon, and background noise courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy and ER re-runs.

I think they feel calming in the Inner Critic fashion because – having done the whole nurse thing ages ago – they’re familiar. Let’s just say they weren’t working on Monday.

My mind wandered back through the years to my lightbulb moment when I realized I wasn’t going to be a nurse until I retired and I needed another plan.

(A zillion blessings to you if you’ve done a better job with this than I did!!!)

The first two ideas I had about next, back in those days, were accountant or lawyer.

(Feel free to laugh all you need to!)

Those were pretty big ideas back in the early 1980’s. It took me about 15 minutes to realize they were good ideas… for somebody else!

My inner perpetual student took over about then and I spent A LOT of time learning new things, which is, I suspect, a big part of the real me. Many of those things, especially lately, have been things we didn’t learn in the places we were raised!

Meanwhile, Monday continued swirling around me. Lots got done. Not much of it actually calming.

About that time, Whoopi Goldberg intervened! Yep… Sister Act 1 & 2!!!

The tech-elves and I continued on our rocky path while I hummed along with the nuns, knowing there was a reason I was there.

(I do, indeed, know all the words but actually singing one thing and typing another is – well – challenging!)

Then it happened…

Whoopi, as a pretty convincing Sister Mary Clarence, having a bit of what used to be known as a come-to-Jesus meeting with a struggling teen…

And a riff on a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke:

If you wake up in the mornin’ and you can’t think of anything but singin’ first… then you’re supposed to be a singer. Girl.

And, yes, a pause for those of you who’ve known me for ages to laugh some more.

You see, while I suspect it’s entirely possible that all of us are supposed to sing, that’s a whole different thing than being a singer!

I can tell you, though, that I am supposed to be a Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother. Here. Now.

The how part is still finding form.

It has a lot to do with my newly hatched label… Personal Alchemist®.

If you’re curious, that has a lot to do with using all the tools I’ve learned to help people just like you get unstuck from whatever’s holding you back from being what you’re supposed to be, because the world my girls are growing up in needs as many of us as possible being freely and joyfully and courageously who we are meant to be.

So often, though, the broken bridge people believe they just can’t get beyond has to do with money.

There are, in fact, lots of ways around that bridge, even though most of us didn’t learn them as kids!

Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck money stuff is a really good place to start!

And my sister-in-magic, Natalie Moyes, and I have a new adventure in exactly that, about to start.

Many, many good things start, one step at a time, with intention.

Here’s a hint… If you’re even the slightest bit curious, intend more information, and…


ps… inspiring mugs, posters, and other cool things seeking good homes at FierceArtWithHeart!

A new favorite word…

But, first, a bit of a review during Women’s History month.

On Wednesday, we talked about learning to deal with money from generations of adults who had no notion that women had rights to property or possessions or even their own bank accounts. (If you missed it, here you go!)

Apparently, my Muse was listening to the history lesson. She’s had lots to say since then!

First, though, our word, along with a vocabulary lesson.

leg-a-cy… the origin is from the medieval Latin for legatus, which means person delegated or the status of legateship.

Other definitions include: a thing handed down by a predecessor or an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

Ignoring for this moment the old belief in my family, and quite possibly in yours, that ladies don’t talk about money, we’re actually going to do just that.

You see, both of my grandmothers had inherited resources, in the time when that was unusual, to say the least.

They both went on to manage those resources and make their own decisions about what happened to them as time went on. And, because of their wisdom and courage and love, I received legacies from each of them.

Not the kind of legacies, mind you, that get mentioned in the press. Nor the kind which cause some recipients to believe that they can rule the world.

Instead, a legacy my mom received from her mom turned, in a way I suspect nobody imagined, into a bit of rental property where Dave and I lived in the single mom trying to get through school and feed a kid days.

And my dad’s mother made a few gifts through the years which allowed me, among other things, to make a high school exchange trip and, later, my family to make it through the days I served my first church as young, female pastor being paid less than what the system considered minimum wage.

Just between us, I’m pretty sure neither of my grandmothers dreamed their legacies would be so welcome in those particular circumstances.

Here’s the thing…

I want to go on being helpful to my girls wherever their lives may lead, in as many ways as I can.

I want to continue to help students as others helped me.

I want to empower grandmothers – lots and lots of them – and those who think like them, to be legacies of many kinds in this world.

And, sometimes wanting is not enough.

Sometimes we need support and new tools and fresh beliefs to accomplish the things which matter the most.

Sometimes those things are in the future.

Sometimes they’re things that make now better.

And, sometimes, we don’t know yet. We just know we care.

If you share any of those longings or questions, Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck money stuff could be just what your inner wisdom needs.

And there’s only one way to find out! Let yourself learn more…

Click here!

We are, all of us, ancestors for the future of the world. And the world needs us!

ps… as I write these words and re-set my Sacred Grammy Spaces, I cannot help but think of all those fleeing their homes without the tangible memories I so cherish and I just have to say again, the world needs us!

When the Muse teaches history…

So, I missed a lot of history lessons as a kid.

Maybe it was all the moving from school system to school system.

Maybe it was my preference for reading Little House on the Prairie over doing homework.

Here’s what I do know… a whole lot of my early awareness of the world had to do with music.

I was born in 1958.

I had older cousins who played guitars and sang. Much better than I did.

And they were folk rock fans.

As were my summer camp buddies.

So, when Women’s History month appears on my calendar, I start humming. (And, yes, I’ll spare you the audio!)

In fact, I woke up about 4:30 yesterday morning with The Age of Aquarius echoing in my mind.

Which was, in typical Muse fashion, followed by a bit of math on the days when women could not hold bank accounts in their own names or get a credit card without a man’s signature.

In the USA, that was mid-1960’s on the bank accounts and early 1970’s on the credit cards. Canada was about the same time frame. The United Kingdom was even later. Which I’m pretty sure means that Elizabeth II was crowned Queen about 20 years before it was legal for her to hold a checking account.

I’ll admit… progress has occurred.

And the limitations of the past still remain in the mists of our culture.

Here’s how I know…

We, you and I, were raised by adults who were raised by adults who thought men being able to sell property their wives had brought into a marriage was just the way things were. And so on and so forth, back to the days when women were property.

It’s no wonder this stuff is hard!

And it’s not that they didn’t mean well. Most of them. It’s just what they knew.

That’s less true these days. Now we know more.

And it’s time to get unstuck.

It starts with getting conscious about being stuck.

The next step is recognizing that our inclinations toward blame and shame are human but not truly helpful.

Then, it’s on to new tools because, no matter how bright and strong and committed we are, the huge majority of us could use some help.

And, yes, that means Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck money stuff!

We start April 5th.

Except that we’re going to go ahead and start right now, with a massively important question…

What do you want those who come after you to learn from the ways you deal with money???

And if – just maybe – you’ve got a bit more work to do before you’re where you want to be…

Get the answers you need and ENROLL NOW!

It might just be the best investment you’ll ever make!

ps… what could you do that really matters if your money stuff got unstuck?

pps… and whose life could be better if you did???


…or what my crazy project is actually trying to accomplish!

A week ago, I invited you along on the journey to make my space work better by re-using a bunch of stuff we already had and not taking out a reno-loan.

Well… welcome to the scrapbook of what actually happened. And is still happening…

The photo, above, is where things were Thursday night, after a whole lot of noticing and wondering, and some great help from the Legendary Husband and our favorite Fix-it Wizard.

What you can’t see is all the stuff that needed to be un-done in order to get there.

And all the times I changed my mind!

You see, I am not a visual processor. In the land of neuro-linguistic programming, I am a primary kinesthetic with a very strong auditory/digital back up. The visual stuff kicks in much later, for me.

Translation: emotions and movement and touch – or in this case – reach, come first. Then the words to explain what is or isn’t working. Then what it looks like.

The challenge is that, while all that information is already jumping up and down inside me, it takes me a while to engage it consciously.

This can be difficult for folks trying to help!

So, re-imagining!

And moving. And glazing. One step at a time.

By Saturday night, when I was home alone – well, except for the Studio Angels – I had time to start nesting. And then the lights came on in my spirit!

Yes, I needed to reach this better and have more space for that and all that kind of stuff.

But what I was really doing was externalizing my prayers for the world. Creating, if you will, a 3-D, functional sculpture of what matters most to me. Of what sustains me.

Suddenly, there was another voice in my head.

Porter Osborne, Jr. The anxious adolescent narrator in Ferroll Sams novel, run with the horsemen, which I have adored since the summer I did my student intern ministry in Pulaski, TN… which was also my first trip to the old South!

Porter described himself as having been “raised right” in the kind of family you might imagine in the rural South between the World Wars. The only son of an autocratic father and a (perhaps excessively) tolerant mother, deeply centered in the Southern Baptist church and a sharecropping economy.

I think I related to that so much because I, too, have been “raised right,” though by other families and traditions.

Part of me imagines some of the voices of those traditions looking at my project of intentional, externalized hope and suspecting they failed.

They didn’t. It’s just that now I know more. And I suspect that they – many of whom have walked on – do, too.

So, Madonnas and crystals and essential oils. A blessing bowl.

Symbols, each in their own way, of my prayers for the world. Hope. Fierce Compassion. Peace. And space for things that have been true since the beginning of time. Even the ones we thought we had to turn away from to stay “raised right”.

Your symbols could, quite rightly, be different than mine, for your path has been yours.

Here’s the thing… we are able to choose.

I choose with 2 granddaughters growing up in this world.

How will you choose?

ps… if you relate to this adventure, the Intentional Grandmothers Archetype Quiz might be your next step!

pps… just in case your choices might take – well – money, click here to check out Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck money stuff. We start soon, and we’ve saved you a place!

A peek into my Grammy-heart, this day…

Today is designated as International Women’s Day 2022.

With a deep breath and a good dose of hope, I decided to leap over the obvious issue of there being just one day for recognizing the women of the world, and let my archetypal Intentional Guide Grandmother take over this blog.

She is, apparently, in a past – present – future sort of mood.

First, the beginnings of a poem I wrote during the 2016 US election cycle.

Grandmothers Lament

All over the world, children are crying.

Bleeding children in Syria.

Hurricane victims in Haiti.

Poisoned children in Michigan and the Dakotas and too many places to count.

All over the world, children are crying.

Children robbed of their families by gun violence.

Children robbed of their futures by disease.

Children robbed of their health by toxins everywhere.

All over the world, children are crying.

How do we shut out their cries?

How do we not act?

Are we heartless?

All over the world, children are crying.

We who do care are helpless in many ways.

Rendered voiceless by the power of vested self interest.

The power of greed.

All over the world, children are crying.

Hungry children.

Homeless children.

Abused, molested, victimized children.

All over the world, children are crying.

It is not our own greed that renders us helpless.

At least not mostly.

And yet we shout, silently, in the face of those who love power.

And a brief time out for the news break we cannot ignore in this moment… on this day when many of the world’s women are fleeing their homes with children and elders in the face of yet more lunacy…

All over the world, children are crying.

While the mighty grow rich waging war.

While the mighty grow rich selling power.

While the mighty grow rich killing the Earth.

All over the world, children are crying.

Let us take our fingers out of our ears.

Let us open our eyes in the light of day.

Let us shout until we cannot be ignored.

All over the world, children are crying.

Let us dare to hear.

Let us dare to hope.

Let us dare to act.

Amen. Amen. Selah.

Are you up for the dare?

It’s likely to take some tools. And a medicine basket.

It’s likely to take getting in touch with YOUR way of hoping and acting in the world.

So, tool number one… The Intentional Grandmothers Archeytype Quiz!

If you haven’t taken it yet, now is a great time. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s important.

If you have taken it, you might want to take it again! (The whole context thing might have shifted your perspective…)

And, no, you don’t have to be an actual Grandmother to take the quiz. Aunties, Scout leaders, teachers, even very brave Grandfathers… if you care, you’re welcome!

Take the Quiz!

ps… the lovely lady, above, insisted on joining the party today, even though she dropped in recently. With her quilt piece that reads, “In the image of the Divine, I create,” I could hardly say no!

pss… intrigued by Medicine Basket??? Stay tuned. Journey #2 is starting soon!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach