Oh, I See… Consciously! The path from “If only…” to “I am!”

Dear Wisdom Keepers, Tenders of the Future, Dreamers of Dreams, Co-Creatresses, Sisters of Fierce Compassion…

You know how the world feels upside down & the Littles you love like crazy are struggling and you feel helpless? Or hopeless? Or, maybe, furious?

I hear you muttering, “I care. But the mess is too big – too screwed up – for me to matter.

Well, I want for my not-so-Little-anymores what my ancestors wanted for me… what far too many of us don’t have now… Voice & Choice & Sovereignty!

That means using my voice & choice & sovereignty helping fabulously wise Grammy-esque  women like us discover and claim the gifts of our unique journeys. To empower ourselves, each other, and the ones we love the most, to survive and thrive!

Even now. ESPECIALLY, NOW!!!

So, dear hearts, if you are determined to persist – even after whatever frustration, and hopelessness, and paralyzing longing you’ve been through –  start packing your dreams and intentions!!! You’re invited on a conscious alchemical journey to claim your powers of Voice and Choice. To map out the road to the place where you feel called.

We’ll start with an empowering grasp of human perception designed to give you lots more freedom. Next, we’ll add tools for shedding old baggage and adding new  strategies to call in the future you long for. Then, we’ll use everything we’ve learned  and create an alchemical Medicine Painting, an anchor for your path to an abundance of mattering in this world. We’ve got this!!!

The whole adventure is intentionally designed to be as accessible as possible with a handful of live/recorded Zoom meetings, pre-recorded paint videos you can do in your jammies, and a bonus 1:1 clarification session with me… you choose what we work on!

I hear you! You’ve tried… probably for a long time. And it felt really hard. So, why this, NOW???

Say it with me, please: We are leaving this world as a legacy for our Littles! And none of us can do it alone!

Let me answer some obvious questions…

Q: What materials will I need?

A: A mixed media journal, maybe with a dedicated cover design, while you’re waiting for the magic to begin! Pens or markers of your choice for notes, writings, and ponderings. A rectangular canvas, 24×36” or larger. (Feel free to gesso over one that didn’t quite get where it was going! White acrylic wall paint works for gesso, too!) Acrylic paints. (I’ll be using Golden fluid acrylics.) Think color wheel… red – for sure, blue, yellow, black, white, a metallic would be great, and whatever else you love. A small assortment of brushes… liner, filbert, scrubby, and something bigger, like a sash brush. A small handful of Posca acrylic markers could be handy for underlayers, especially if you’re a new painter. And, if you’re into extraphotos, glitter, jewels (even earrings!) with decoupage medium or white glue. This adventure is all you!!!

Q: When will we meet?

A: We’ll begin with 3 live Zoom group meetings for claiming the perceptual learning as underlayers for your painting, all of which will be recorded for you to watch when it works, as many times as you like! Then, 3 pre-recorded paint demo videos, ready when you and your Muse choose. We’ll close with a live Zoom meeting, also recorded. You will also receive a 1:1 Zoom session with me, which you can schedule before, during, or even after our adventure, to dig deeper into the places calling to you.

The current calendar looks like this: Zoom meetings from 3:30 – 5pm ET, Thursdays, February 8, 15, 22, followed by recorded paint demos released between March 7 and 21. Then a brief break for finishing your painting (and Easter!) with our celebration call from 3:30 – 5pm ET, on April 11.

So… sign up now! The whole transformational journey for the usual investment for ONE individual session with me!!!

ps… here’s the Way-back stuff I promised, if you’re curious about my path to this place…

Still have questions??? Get the calendar elves to hook you up with 45 min. My gift. Hurry, though! We’d hate to begin without you!!!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach