Of paint drips and big ah-hah’s!

We had dogs when I was a kid. Lots of them.

Eventually, a couple of cats. Occasional fish. For a bit, even a few adopted science fair chameleons.

We did NOT have small rodents. No white mice. No gerbils. No guinea pigs. No hamsters. (Mom was not remotely a fan!)

I was pretty much okay with that, being very much a dog person, myself. With all of our moving, the dogs were friends who moved with us… my sense of consistency in those days of pre-abstract thought and very little choice.

There was a time, though, when I was tempted by hamsters. Not the actual hamsters, so much, as those cool hollow spherical gizmos… like cages that moved across the floor as the wee beasties ran around inside them.

nb… these gizmos may not have been a good idea as google suggests they no longer exist!

These days, I’m more tempted by actual freedom. By choosing voice!

And by new experiences of alchemy!

Now, alchemy is not a word we studied in nursing school or seminary. Or, at the very least, not one that made it through my filters in those days of trying to survive.

These are different times. And I am making room in my medicine basket for new learning.

Much of that learning involves canvas and paint. It also involves showing up. Not only for the doing, but for the sorting and claiming. For the dreaming.

The opinionated being, above, is still a #work-in-progress and there’s a bit of editing going on behind the scenes before she’s ready for a big visual reveal.

She, by the way, is the emerging image from the medicine painting journey known as Temple… the Artist Erotic. She is/we are speaking… and getting ready for Oh! I See…

Finally, I am whole!

I have lived from my neck up most of my days.

Feeling safe.

Avoiding pain.

Afraid of motion.

There are many reasons… all of them true.

And never enough.

I declare myself free!

All of me!!!

And worthy of pleasure.

Of joy.

Of being a whole and divinely created Fiercely Compassionate Rebel Grandmother!®

And, she has a friend… a medicine painting sister on the journey!

The Alchemist… who wants to meet you!!!

Actually… she wants you to create your version of her!

First, though… a bit of a vocabulary lesson! Full disclosure – I began with a google search, wound up in a “place” called Udemy, and did a bit of my own editing:

Spiritual Alchemy… the act of inner transformation. It is healing and freeing the inner parts of ourselves longing for change. By transforming these parts of us, we are led to inner liberation, the freedom from our fears, from beliefs that no longer serve us, and from other self-limiting perspectives and patterns.

Intrigued about the journey with the Alchemist??? CLICK HERE! for all the information on Oh! I See… Consciously!!! Let your soul explore. Ask your questions. (The calendar elves are on it!) And take a chance on “I am!”

ps… just in case a bit of translation about supplies is helpful, here’s a good start! We’ve got this!

pps… fab smoked salmon and Madam Secretary (Season 5, episode 11) for lunch. Swore a blue streak at border issues and detaining children and getting rich letting it happen. Then, I picked my brush back up and and reminded myself why, as Mama Caron taught us, I matter. And you matter. And we matter. And mattering matters. And none of us have to matter alone! That’s why you’re invited to make this big step beyond If only!!! (Click the utterly empowering link and take a chance on knowing more! Please!!!)

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach