The beginning…

… of LOTS of things!

In my case, all this beginning involved more than a bit of saying thank you and moving on from some former things. Things in my external world.

If there was a prize for the most recycling in a single day, I would have won for yesterday… at least for a Grammy with mobility challenges. (Already praying for recycling folks on Wednesday!)

And, while my back and hips are more than a bit cranky at the moment, all of the What? and the How? of my sorting and re-arranging feels really great because it’s attached – at least in my awareness – to my Why?

You see, there’s an answer to the Why? that I’m really excited about. One of those answers that sounds like a rather odd word but is actually the key to more things than even I know at the moment.

Are you ready???


Yep! Musea’s new Intentional Creativity® Practitioner training is beginning and I am thrilled beyond mere words to be part of it.

It has to do with what I call Unsticking stuck stuff®. Well, really with helping people gather a basket full of ways to get where they long to be when they’ve tried and tried and not quite gotten there before.

It has to do with something called neuroplasticity which is a fancy way of saying that our brains really can learn new paths to help us get where we want to go.

If you’ve known me a while, you may remember the story about walking out the front door and taking exactly the same path to the mailbox, every day. It makes, in my literal case, a rut in the garden. And, because it “worked” yesterday, we humans have a tendency to stay in the rut when we could, instead, wander by the blooming rose bush, or pick some herbs for dinner.

Well, you get the drift.

For now, though, there’s another Why? A bigger one. You already know the answer…

To help empower Grand-Elders to survive and thrive in this world so that they can help empower the littles they love the most to survive and thrive now, and into the unknown future.

I’m setting out on the PRISMA adventure so that I’ll have even more medicine in my basket for doing just that because, you know, I have two granddaughters growing up in this world!

And things are already changing!

The painting, above, is very early under-layers of a journey called Anthropas, which is part of our learning.

I can’t tell you what it is, just yet, but I can, like the littles you love, tell you about it.

It’s the result of inviting my brain to play. It’s what happened when I picked up a big, juicy paintbrush and asked my brain to convince my arm to make circles.

First clock-wise. Then the other-wise. (You really can get there both ways!)

This is not about making your geometry teacher happy. It’s about learning by playing with Intention. Like dancing with the brush.

And it’s fun. Fun that changes real things.

Here’s the good news!

Part of the PRISMA adventure includes working with people. And groups. Soon!

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming group adventure with my IC Sister, Natalie Moyes, called Medicine Basket Your Way… unsticking stuck stuff. Stay tuned!

And, just in case the group thing feels hard to manage, I also have space for some adventurous individual clients, ready to unstick some stuff that’s been holding them back from living the Why? in their hearts. Or, maybe, claiming the Why?

If you’re curious, I’d love to chat with you! Half an hour of discovering, as my gift to you, brave soul. Here’s the link to my calendar. Or email me…

ps… PRISMA work happens with simple, accessible materials like mixed media or watercolor paper & watercolor paints/markers. If you’ve been holding off on experiencing Intentional Creativity® out of concern for space or expense or even accessibility challenges, this is the door for you!

ps… no dressing up required up for discovering. (Unless you’d like to!) Just a red thread if you have one handy and a cuppa and a bit of Hope. Even a teeny-tiny bit will do to begin!

2 comments on “The beginning…”

  1. Congratulations on Prisma Sue! Sounds like the perfect medicine for your basket! I don’t think I’ve ever heard you quite as excited before!
    I almost booked a space with you just so I could finally meet you in person.
    I’m so grateful for the work you do!

    1. Thanks, Bettina, for reading AND hearing! I am excited… let me know if you’re interested in knowing more!

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