Tending space… inner & outer!

There are people crawling around in my attic today. Again!

The same people who keep turning off the power and internet. This is only minutely more convenient than our recent 13 hour long power outage! (Deep bows to beloveds in places which have been through much worse in these days!)

My plan is simple. Tending.

You see, the conveniently placed horizontal surfaces – especially the ones near my chair and in the studio – have somehow gotten cluttered beyond use in all the seasonal and internal and orthopedic commotion around here.

And, as I mentioned, there’s a whole bunch of newness blooming in my studio and calendar!

So, I’m setting and refreshing altars. Five of them to be exact.

If you’ve known me for a while, this may be a surprise.

You see, in the brand of theology in which I was raised right, we don’t do altars!

There’s a whole lot of theory about this and some of it makes sense, especially considering the historical context in which much of it got – you know – written down.

But, we contemporary wanderers are nothing but gifted at reinterpreting words!

So, in my world, altar means intentional space. Much like Intentional Creativity® !

It does not mean big pieces of furniture which separate the holy folks from the regular ones!

My intentions for these spaces, like Feng shui, are to create reminders of what I hope for. What I intend.

Some of them have to do with learning. With focus. Spaces, that by simply sitting with them, can draw my attention from all the crazy, negative, power grabbing, deceitful (Feel free to fill in some of your own words!) junk going on around us.

It really helps!

I’m discovering other advantages to the altar practice, as well.

It’s an organizational tool. Really!

All the stuff I’ve collected for adventures like PRISMA and Maverick and Anthropas, intentionally placed, waiting and inspiring.

A grouping of things which remind me that actually sharing my work allows it to matter beyond myself.

My amazing new essential oils in a space of honor.

And, mixed through all these spaces, symbols of grandmothers and grandchildren reminding me of my Big Why.

And, since we’re being really real, having these altars – these intentional spaces – is orthopedically helpful, too! All the stuff I need the most where I can reach it without having to wonder how much it will hurt or to wait for help.

There is, to be sure, more tending to do. More creating of space that supports hope and growth, for me and for those with whom I work.

There have been moments when I’ve wished that my magic wand did things like this. You know, a wave or two and – POOF – all done.

There’s also the part of me that realizes that there’s growth in the journey. And that’s something I so long to help my girls realize.

So… time for some prayer dots and then back to tending altars. If the Reformation gang are having fits, it may be time for them to learn some new things, too! Or – maybe – some old things!

ps… just in case you’re experimenting with newness, too, and could use some company along the way, I have space for just a few new coaching clients. For more info, you know where to find me… suesvoice@gmail.com

pps… the glimpse of the painting, above, is from my Forest of Grandmothers canvas. It probably won’t mean much to you in this moment, but I’ll give you a clue. The bluish word you can‘t quite read is choose!

ppps…I’ve started my post-holiday fluffing at FierceArtWithHeart but the holiday prices are still in effect, just in case you’ve got a bit of space that needs some tending, too!

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