Stocking up for 2022!

I need help.

Three of my least favorite words to say!

Ironically, I started the New Year with them. (Which feels more than a bit counter-cultural!)

Luggage was the culprit!

Luggage left over (still) from our adventure with the kids. Most of it mine. All of it in my space. And all of it in the way.

Not to mention the laundry baskets not currently where they work best because of the luggage hogging the prime real estate.

And the still cranky back, hip, and knees, not enthused about the prospect of bending and lifting!

Phoebe and Luther were not interested.

The Legendary Husband, bless him, heard me.

I need help.

Oddly, having said those words, I feel a bit like Dr. King. You see, I have a dream.

A dream of helping Grandmothers – along with folks who think like them… Grand-elders, if you will… and even some very brave Grandfathers – to survive and thrive in this world, now, so they can help the littles they love the most to survive and thrive, as well.

And, as you may have guessed, that dream is even more vivid for me, having just spent some time doing exactly that, live and in person with my less-littles!

So, I’m embracing the bizarre notion that actually saying those three difficult words will get me closer to that dream. To my Big Why.

In fact, I wrote myself a permission slip to ask for help and put it into my mythical Medicine Basket as my first major act for 2022!

I’m not sure what will happen next.

Here’s what I do know…

Shaming and blaming myself into not asking for help is toxic!

Here’s what else I know…

My Intentional Creativity® Coach friend, Natalie Moyes – who definitely thinks like a grandmother – and I have some workshops starting in mid-February and we’re going to explore, with group members like you, what other things could helpfully be added to our Medicine Baskets in support of our own dreams.

Like many new things, this adventure might feel a bit scary. Change is like that. It’s also how we get to the new places we long for.

Like those places where more things are true than what we hear on the news!

We’ll be ready for sign-ups very soon. And space is limited.

If you relate… if you’d like to be on the first-to-know list, please email me!

And, if you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the Intentional Grandmothers Archetype Quiz, just click HERE!

For tonight, a bowl of soup for me. Courage and many blessings for you and yours!

ps… as you’ve no doubt guessed, the painting is a recent, evolving image of my own Medicine Basket. Can’t wait to find out what yours will look like!

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