From the way-back machine…

The sorting and re-arranging goes on.

Progress abounds. And more would be okay, too!

Have spent a fair amount of time tearing old mixed media journals apart. Keep what I still need. Reclaim blank paper for more art. Recycle the rest.

It would be easier on my achey wrists to just toss the whole things, but I don’t seem able to.

Here’s an amazingly timely surprise I discovered wandering through one of those old journals. A timely surprise, dated October 27, 2016!

Imagine blue ink on white watercolor paper with a scattering of proofreader’s marks…

Standing on the Edge

I am standing on the edge.

Toes curled under.

Hanging on.

Like climbing too high on a ladder.

Trying to decide if I’m terrified.

Or excited.

Knowing that, in my body, the experience is the same.

Knowing that whoever decided we could only feel one feeling at a time was wrong!

Knowing that this is neither good news,

Nor bad.

The wise old man on the mountain was right.

Trying to glimpse the beyond which is past the edge.

I like beyond.

I like creating.


I will make something of the word.

Though I may paint a bit more first.

I am standing on the edge.

Hoping I’m excited!

-Sue Boardman

I feel this, in so many ways, even more, in this moment, than I did when I wrote it.

This world — the context in which we live and create and grieve and hope — was unimaginable for so many of us just five years ago.

And yet, here we are. Many, many of us needing help. New strategies. New community. New hope.

As I mentioned, my friend, Natalie Moyes, and I have a plan. And there’s lots more info to come. Shortly!

For now, just in case you learned the same silly thing I did somewhere along the way, whoever said we could only feel one feeling at a time was, indeed, wrong. And there is hope.

For all of us.

When we’re ready.

ps… the painting is called In the Beginning… aka, Our Lady of Bountiful Earth. She’s moved from the hall to the library, presiding over our new intentional space for Health and Abundance.

pps… just in case you’re feeling a need for a bit of intentional space in your world, she’s got friends available for adoption. Just check FierceArtWithHeart for all kinds of inspiration, from mugs for your favorite cuppa to original paintings!

2 comments on “From the way-back machine…”

  1. I love the intentional space and the painting (which I saw in person at some stage) and the poem! This is a great thought starter for my day!

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