From magic to creation… without Penn & Teller!

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you’ve noticed that I am, perhaps, the world’s biggest fan of The West Wing.

One particular episode has been tickling my consciousness for a couple of days.

It was Zoey Bartlet’s birthday and there was a big party at the White House.

Penn & Teller brought their magic act to the festivities.

I loved their performance. (It did create a bit of a political storm for the President, but that’s an issue for a different day.)

Let’s it boil it down to a big debate over whether they actually burned something or it just looked like they did.

Magic is like that. And I, word nut that I am, have been pondering magic as Natalie Moyes and I move closer and closer to the beginning of our Medicine Basket your way… journey.

So, in an effort to transform all the stuff swirling in my head into something I could actually share with you, I did a bit of clarifying. (aka research!)

I’ll spare you the rabbit trail and go right to the prize. (A prize which I’ve loved for quite a while but didn’t necessarily expect to bump into on this journey!)

We’re going to move from the notion of magic to the Hebrew word, dabar (or davar) – which means word – to one of my all time favorite revelations… the Hebrew word abracadabra – which means something pretty close to I will create with the word!

In fact, according to The Jewish Chronicle, “the kabbalists tell us that reality itself is forged from combinations of the 22 Hebrew letters.”

That article goes on to say that, “We, too, create our world and the things of our lives through words.”

And all of that creating happens… wait for it… in context!

So, back to the notion of medicine baskets and magic.

There really are simple, accessible tools which regular folks like us can use to alter the stories – the actual words – we’ve toted from one context to other vastly different contexts so that those stories can work for us rather than against us. We just have to get our brains involved in new ways!

And, no, I’m not messing with your mind! In fact, I’m helping my granddaughters learn the same adventures!

Natalie and I are ready for our part of the magic.

Your part is to show up with something that’s holding you back. With an argument in your head that’s been keeping you stuck.

And we’re making it as easy as we possibly can with a free preview call on Tuesday, February 15.

You’re invited!

In the interest of full disclosure, we won’t be handing out millions of dollars. But, assuming that there are some things in your world which could be better and you’re actually ready to risk doing something different, all you have to do is click the link. From there, you’ll be magically transported to the land of the elves, where the special information/registration page lives.

Get all your questions answered. You know… materials and such.

Fill in your name and your email address and click the sign up button.

And, just in case you’ve already signed up… Yay!!! (Once works!) We’ll send you reminders.

Click HERE to be part of the magic!

ps… yes!!! Invite your friends. As you’ve no doubt heard me say, I have 2 granddaughters growing up in this world, and I’m way past serious about transformational magic.

pps… curious? Season 6, episode 8 of The West Wing.

Trying things on…

Aren’t they fabulous???

And they fit, too!

I looked at them online for ages and couldn’t quite bring myself to hand over the plastic because I have what my family refers to as Stephen’s feet and ankles.

Just between us, I have no idea who Stephen was. Somebody in my Gramma Elsie’s vast cast of characters suitable for illustrating, well, anything.

Apparently, though, Stephen had wide, flat-ish feet with oddly high insteps and undependable ankles. So do I.

Buying shoes has always been a challenge. And I’ve fallen for the cross-your-fingers-and-pray thing before.

I am, however, nothing if not a learner!

So, I didn’t buy them without trying them. In fact, if there hadn’t been a Fluevog store in Portand, Oregon, I never would have gotten them. And I love them!

They’re good for walking. They’re really warm. They hold up in the rain. They pack well. And they add some real zing to anything from a fancy black dress to my more typical paint spattered leggings.

And, no, they’re not for sale.

They are, however, a big part of the reason Natalie and I are holding a preview call for our upcoming Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck stuff program.

A FREE preview call for you to try on one of our amazing transformative tools and see how the journey fits you.

The fun happens on Tuesday, February 15 at 7:30pm ET. We’ll spend an hour on a change you long for, with a bit of time for next steps.

Here’s the link to save your seat for the preview call!

For now, here’s to fabulous shoes that fit and journeys full of hope!

Dream Buddies!

Wait, please!

Yes, I am going to invite you to Medicine Basket before we’re done.

But, FIRST, I have a story that might be really useful to you in this moment. A story with a couple of perception shifts that feel like gifts to me.

Yesterday morning, I actually slept until there was light in our room. (This is something of a miracle lately!)

The reason I know I slept that long is that, when I opened my eyes, I could see the magic surrounding me. Just like in the photo!

I spent a bit of time in that dozy, between-the-worlds place, doing one of my favorite things…

Yep! Noticing and wondering.

Well, in this case, maybe more like wondering and noticing.

You see, I’ve been wondering about something really big for quite a while. Consciously, for exactly four and a half years… since July of 2017, when I first encountered the land of Intentional Creativity®

I didn’t dip my toe in. I dove. Deep.

The Black Madonna Pilgrimage.

I was so new at the whole “art” thing that I’d pretty much only ever painted walls… mostly with rollers. I had to ask the home team how to wash paint brushes!

Little did I know that journey would shift virtually all of my filters. That I would begin to see and hear and explore things which had never managed to make it through my list of extremely well educated shoulds and oughts.

Or, perhaps, should nots and ought nots would be more accurate!

Here’s what I know in this moment… my faith has become way more about offering all who are seeking company on the path of life some new ways to see and make choices, than it is about blocking out things – or people – which don’t seem to follow the rules.

Or, to put it another way, I’ve decided I’m able to choose without needing to block out big chunks of things that are useful just to claim new ones that also work!

And all those Divine Feminine images on my walls – who’ve helped Natalie Moyes and me hatch up the Medicine Basket your way journeys – are inviting you to join us on the path!

This next bit is all you!

The answers to all the regular questions are waiting for you and all you need to do is click the big, colorful letters near the bottom to discover them.

There’s also a link to my calendar in case you have questions we haven’t yet imagined!

Here’s the thing… Our whole world has become a lot like my deep dive into the Black Madonna Pilgrimage… a place most of us never imagined.

A place we didn’t have strategies for.

A place filled with a great deal of loss and – in a way that’s much harder for many of us to see – some new opportunities.

And, for all that newness, we need new tools! That’s what Medicine Basket is all about.

Finding and claiming the tools we need going forward. (Which is the only way we can really go!)

A safe place to experiment and ask big questions.

Guides who’ve been on the path for a while.

The path which leads not so much out as it does beyond.

Here’s the thing… the journey won’t be the same without you. So click… just in case you hear the paintings on my walls whispering your name.

Click HERE for new perspectives, answers to questions, and a power-full choice!

ps… this journey is not about “art” as in the stuff the High Museum would hang on their walls. It’s about using new tools for changing things that matter to you!

pps… who might you be able to help if you were less stuck???

Let’s go to the library…

The old fashioned one!

Take a deep breath… you can probably summon the mysterious, dusty scent of books. Old ones. Shiny, new ones.

Picture books. Fairy tales. Encyclopedias. Mystery novels. And, in my case, lots of books about dogs and horses!

Mom took us to the library when we were small. I suspect it was a combination of loneliness in perpetual new neighborhoods and the fact that she thought she should read to us.

She did, a lot. Mostly when my dad was away on business, which was also a lot.

I’m glad she did. And I loved the library!

It felt safe and exciting to me. And it probably felt sacred, too, though I didn’t know that word back then.

Signing up for Medicine Basket your way… unsticking stuck ___________________ stuff will probably feel a lot like an early trip to the library.

And, like the library, Natalie Moyes and I have planned for variety!

From contextual challenges like the Covidian Era to money stuff and body stuff and relationship stuff, there are lots of things to check out and explore.

Lots of tools, too. Like reading!

Also symbols and filters and a bit of ink – perhaps red like the thread – for editing some things that aren’t working as well as you’d like. (Shoulds are a good example of such things…)

Experiences, really, to soak in and claim as your own.

I know… there’s a lot of flap about libraries and books these days. And a whole lot of yapping from people who want to choose for you.

Medicine Basket is like libraries and books. Filled, not simply with information, but with new questions. Questions that can make a whole lot of difference. Especially in a place that most of us weren’t ready for.

Here’s our promise…

YOU get to choose what to check out. What to keep. What to return for someone else.

YOU get to choose which tools are crooking their fingers at you and offering to head out with you, handy in your basket, on the road to the place you want to be.

There is a bit of simple packing for you to do. The list is waiting, just on the other side of the big link. Along with the magic sign-up button.

And we promise that no one will make you stand up in the Book-Mobile and read a couple paragraphs of Tom Sawyer out loud in front of all the other kids. We already know you belong and you’ve got this!

Take a deep breath and click! This is where the magic starts!

ps… yes, the rumor is true. The elves are busy with surprise bonuses!

pps… Luther and Phoebe can’t wait to meet you and are resting up in the library! Phoebe wants you to know Luther is hogging the dog bed!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach