Filters Pre-Sale

So… the Filters videos are in the works! And they’re the keys to a whole lot less stuck in your world! The regular price for this same information in personal, live sessions with me is $555. The regular price for the set of 3 videos with worksheets and a follow-up chat will be $333, which is a really good deal!

AND, because you’re a plan-ahead, really ready kind of person with a big vision for your path in the world, you can get the same 3 videos, all the worksheets, and the follow-up chat – for a limited time – for just $222, which is the absolute best price you’ll ever see! 

Just click, below, and be magically transported to the elves who will be thrilled to get you on board. 

I hear you… you’re wondering why this matters. Well, here’s my very best answer: The world my granddaughters, and all our Littles, are growing up in needs a whole lot of work and it’s up to us to do it. That means, we need some new tools for our Medicine Baskets. And this is one that shifts just about everything else!
Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach