Newfoundland Dog Rescue


My name is Sarah. I’m a special kind of Newfoundland dog. I’m a rescue! Mom asked me to write a little and tell you about that. I’m allowed to ask questions about the hard stuff!

So, I’ve lived here about two years. Before I lived here, I lived with a family somewhere else. My first Dad wore a funny, spotted uniform and went away a lot. He said he was keeping us safe. I had a Mom and three brothers. The two-footed kind.

One day, everybody cried. Dad got something called orders and I couldn’t go where they were going. My first Mom called South Eastern Newfoundland Club Rescue, Inc., which is something called a 501c organization. They found me my new home.

Moving was hard at first. I missed my two-footed brothers. Nobody at my new house fed me pizza or chicken bones. Mostly, I was confused. I laid by the backdoor in my new house for a while and wondered what would happen next.

My new Mom and Dad just kept loving me. They talked to me and told me I was a good dog, which I like a lot. They said they had practice being rescue parents. Here is a picture of my rescue brothers that Mom and Dad loved a lot before they knew me. Their names were Zeke and Amos. They needed new homes, too.


Mom has lots of rescue friends. They work hard finding homes for Newfoundlands like me who need new places to live. Sometimes they’re really old, or sick or hurt and need lots of trips to see the nice people called Vets. Sometimes they need to go to school. Also, we get really big and eat a lot! And we spill water all over the floor. Mom says it’s good if people know about things like that before they fall in love with us.

I go to school. It’s fun! I get to make new friends and learn new things that I didn’t know I needed to know before! Mom says the more things I learn, the more things I can go along and do. I love to go along!!! We’re going to do something called reading with kids pretty soon. I need to practice a little more, first.

I also have a job! Mom has special friends called clients who come to visit us. My job is to cuddle and get petted and to listen when they need to cry sometimes. Mostly they laugh when the crying is over. (Especially when I fall off the couch!) Mom says crying and laughing help them feel better, but laughing is more fun!

My dog friends are other kinds of dogs. Many of them are rescues, too. Mom says there are lots of rescue groups for lots of kinds of dogs and they all try really hard to help dogs like me have happy, healthy lives. I think, if you want a dog to love, you should talk to some rescue people. Also, I think there is rescue for cats but I’m so big they don’t always want to play with me so I don’t know so much about that.

One of the cool things I’ve learned lately is to help Mom with the thing she calls a blog. I get to be a “guest blogger”. It’s fun! Mom says to say that if you click on the sidebar and check in the blog categories for “Sarah” you’ll find my old stuff. If you sign up to get our blog then you’ll be able to keep up with my new blogs, too. I’d like that.

Right now, though, it’s time for my getting-ready-for-supper nap. I have new food and it’s really good and Mom hopes it will help with my allergies, whatever that means. I just like it a lot and I want to be ready! I hope you’re having a good day. Come read with us again, soon. You could probably read with kids, too!




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