I’m (usually) all for learning experiences…

Yesterday may have been an exception!

Physical Therapy was the first big thing on the list.

The construction guys trying to pick up their itty-bitty bulldozer, laying on its side in the road, were definitely NOT on the list.

Brief pause for thanks that the air conditioner in the car was on the job!

(Still waiting on the folks to juice up the one in the house!)

Then, dry needles. I was ready for the ones near my hip. The ones at the other end of that muscle, near my knee… not so much! (My knees are of the opinion that they’ve had PLENTY of attention, already!)

The next right thing was a video shoot, at my house.

Clearly, nobody had explained that to the 3 drivers screaming at each other in the road where their crumpled cars were considerably more well acquainted than one might hope. Blessedly, everybody seemed well enough to jump up & down and yell.

Finally home, I grabbed a quick snack and reminded myself that breathing would probably be helpful.

The way-deep into my back muscles sort of breathing. (It really does help!)

Then, the tears started.

There was no way I was ready to start making videos in 20 minutes.

That’s where modeling comes in. Not the high heels and big hair kind!

The kind where we actually pay attention to what we need and make choices informed by that knowledge. Translation… I phoned a friend!

Not just any friend. A retired news producer Intentional Creativity® friend who was on tap for helping with the videos.

Fast forward to the new plan, in which waiting for a more supportive time is very likely to get me a whole lot closer to where I’m going with the video project.

And, yes… we’re talking Filters videos! And me doing that old thing called walking the talk.

It doesn’t fix everything. Not wild fires or mud slides or floods. Not crazy excuses for politicians. Not intolerance or book burning or threats to Social Security.

It does make us more able to be part of the solutions. And I’m all in!

For now, though… more dots!

Finger dots can be prayer dots, too. And that is walking the talk!

ps… the art is a sneak peek at how my Legend 2023 painting is coming along… In this case, dots are rocks! (Stay tuned!!!)

pps… even though the Filters videos aren’t quite done yet, I have the magic, ready to share. Step One is 45 min. My gift. Then comes Step Two. Just tell the calendar elves you’re ready to get ahead of the crowd! (There are even a few options before Labor Day!)

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach