Pass the tissues, please!

It was a weepy kind of day in my world.

Friday, to be exact…

And, yes, Fred was right – again! You know one of my favorite Buechner quotes by now:

That sudden flash of tears we get is the surest sign of truth we have!

I’m fond of truth, but let’s admit up front that some bits of truth are more fun than others!

The early parts of the day were fun. You see, I was starting a new Intentional Creativity® journey. One called Origins.

It’s one of those things I love, designed to unfold piece by piece in a path of discovery, so I honestly don’t know where all this is headed.

I can tell you that it started with a canvas that had been hanging around the house looking for a mission. The one you see, above. And this is the mission! I know because the good truth-tears started when I lifted it onto the easel.

This is totally preferable to the ouch truth-tears my right wrist was threatening! (Fortunately, the easel has wheels!!!)

In a way which was probably well planned, yet still surprising, this adventure picked up where my recent Legend adventure left off.

That one was, in a sense, the Big Why.

This one is likely to unfold in a whole lot of What? and maybe even How?

Cue your favorite version of All My Life’s a Circle…

Let’s just say that the answers were flowing… body, mind, and spirit, which is also known around here as dot and drip Heaven!

And, yes… the handprints matter!

About that time, though, my wrist was really ready to rest.

Next on my list was a meeting about finding time for things that really matter.

Eventually, news. Atlanta has even more than usual these days!

And, yes… this was when the way-less-fun truth tears kicked in.

Storms. Violence. ‘isms of many sorts. Trials. And a whole bunch of very slow learners!

And, then, Madam Secretary, and more tears. (It’s a context thing! And, maybe, a planet thing!)

Here’s my question…

How did we get to this place where power OVER seems to be way more popular than power FOR???

And the obvious next question…

What do we do about it? In the midst of it?

There are lots of options, of course. And, if you’re at all like me, burying your head in the sand isn’t one of them!

Which is where the Origins adventure and the news and M Sec join hands! I have no idea what it will all look like.

I do know that the things which matter, deep, deep in my soul are the path forward for me, in this world, now.

So, I brought some friends… the voices in my head!

And, yes… I have some good things to share, even while I’m learning more. Where, in your world, are you looking for Power FOR? Just ask the calendar elves to hook you up… 45 min. My gift!

ps… challenges of your own with the time for what matters thing??? Check this out! (And, hurry! The big fun begins this week!)

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