First, our trip home last night was a bit more of an extended adventure than we planned.

Missing jetways, baggage gone walkabout, really sore muscles… you get the picture.

Then, to say that my morning started off in a dramatic fashion is a bit of an understatement.

I was reading a book I’ll tell you about in a minute.

All of a sudden, the Boom! along with the house shaking, which is a bit much for me during my first cup of tea.

Detective work was clearly in order.

  1. Text to check on Legendary Husband, already at work in the basement.
  2. Attain levitation.
  3. Peek out windows.

The front was all clear. I even noticed the beginnings of pollinator flowers blooming in the garden, which I had missed at midnight.

The side toward our neighbors was clear, too. At least what I could see.

Then, the studio, and the huge tree down in the back yard! Fortunately it missed the house!

A quick check with the neighbors confirmed that they, too, were okay, despite a somewhat crushed fence.

By then, only half a cup of tea ahead, it was time to head off to physical therapy.

After a batch of dry needles, we went back to strategizing for the trip to France and I learned to hula!

For real!!!

Not like flowers and grass skirts, but quite cool.

I was holding onto a big metal frame (a doorway being a good home substitute) looking into a massive mirror (Gulp!) and getting my hips to move alternately up and down in a fashion quite like hula dancing which, trust me, they never covered in gym class but probably should have.

Here’s the surprise… it was fun AND it helps strengthen some muscles that can use all the help they can get!

Then, home for tea and a bit more reading.

Remember the book?

It’s part of my preparation for France and was written by the leader of the journey… Kathleen McGowan.

Here’s the part I just have to share:

The path of the first petal is faith, and it is the foundation upon which your spiritual life is built. One of my favorite quotes comes from Gandhi, who said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” I would add to that, if I may be so bold, “And the change you wish to see in your life.”

The Source of Miracles

And I would add to that, if I may be so bold…

even on days when the change you wish to see in your life involves learning to hula dance!

Which is kind of like saying that maybe, just maybe, walking the Way of Love is scary and turns out to be way better than we might have imagined!

I’d love to know what that looks like in your world! You can leave a comment, below, or email me.

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