Hope Lives!!!

Can’t you just smell it??? Like a baby’s head!

A newborn Barnes & Noble in the exact place where we are.

Yep! Field Trip!!!

Here’s the astounding part… I don’t think I’ve been in an actual book store since the Pandemic started!

There it stands, all shiny and fresh. And, yes, it smells like books. Many, many, many actual books.

A local author at a table just inside, signing copies of her book and trying hard to get names right in a diverse crowd.

Cafe. Magazines. Actual people offering to help. And being able to!

And the amazing blessing of being there with three generations of my family… thrilled to be in a book store.

And, just as wonder-full, the many families with Littles.

Some of them, I suspect, too young to have ever been in such a magical place before.

One of those Littles was so excited she was spinning like a toy top in the midst of the picture book section, laughing with glee.

I, as you’ve probably guessed, found a couple of treasures.

Stacey Abrams’ new mystery novel. And a wondrous journal for my trip to the heart of learning new things and writing about them in France.

I’d been searching for a journal online, which was hard because I couldn’t feel them. Not the covers, or the pages. I couldn’t feel how heavy they were. I couldn’t smell them, either.

For me, these things matter.

Here’s a peek…

And then came the ah-hah!

In this moment there are too many voices against exactly THIS!

Against children exploring and learning new things.

Against Americans reading books by people like Stacey Abrams.

Against families making choices together and talking about those choices.

And I was more inspired than ever!

You see, what will go into this journal, waiting there in that moment for me to find it, is words.

My words. (And, predictably, some sketches, too!)

My learnings and reflectings and editings. My choices!

And, one day, they, too, will become a book. The book that started hatching when my whole being was pregnant with the painting known as Revelation!

The book that will be all about being able to choose and the amazing people who have helped me learn to claim that as truth.

In the meantime, there is more painting to do. Sanctuary. Legend. And then, Origins.

And packing. And nourishing my voice chakra with Truth Oil.

And enjoying my manicure, with nails the color of Truth Oil, courtesy of my Granddaughter.

Because hands are part of Voice, too!

For now… a brief nap and some dinner to fix. And my most beloved people to hug. They’re all in Revelation! too, but it’s harder to hug a canvas!

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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