Wisdom comes in many ways!

Okay… this story could be a bit embarrassing, but it wants telling, nonetheless!

Monday was a mixed metaphor sort of day.

Physical therapy in the morning. Let’s just go with LOTS of needles, and an empowering bit of learning.

Then, because I was tired when I got home, I overdosed on news. Waaaaayyyy… too much news! Which, if we’re being honest, didn’t help much with the tired part.

It probably didn’t help much with the tension part, either. (I’ll spare you the rant… fill free to fill it in your way!)

Laundry. List making. The big things to do bit.

The ah-hah’s started after dinner… and Jeopardy!

Let me say, first, that I’ve about had it with the writers’ strike. Oh, I’m totally sympathetic. And fed up with summer in the midst of a strike TV. Not to mention AI. And so, I went wandering. And wound up in an unusual place.

Princess Diaries, to be exact. Go ahead and laugh. I can take it.

You see, about 20 minutes in to the first movie, the FILTERS magic kicked in!

Probably because I’ve been learning new things! And they seem to be letting in new info.

Before too long, I’m heading to France. It turns out I have a lot of ancestors from the area we’ll be visiting. And I’ve been learning their stories, along with lots of stories from the way-back days.

Some of those stories made me hear the whole Princess Diaries saga about arranged marriages and voice and choice with new ears.

Then, when the stories combined themselves with some recent conversations about the Divine Feminine and Masculine, the FILTERS really lit up. Not to mention the whole Truth Oil/Voice chakra adventure!

Suddenly, Garry Marshall’s movies went from a good way to avoid the news to an enormous doorway into history. Mine. And the world’s.

My trip to France is already different. As is my trip to hug my girls. But, for now, there’s more packing to do.

I’d love to know what you’d notice if you watched Princess Diaries at this moment in your journey! (Disney Plus, in my part of the world.)

Here’s a bit more of what I’m discovering at the end of my paintbrush…

ps… rumor has it there’s a new Princess Diaries movie in the planning stage!

pps… so, I didn’t grow up to be a Queen. I did grow up with a medicine basket full of ways to help folks like you get to the place that needs YOUR gifts and wisdom! If you’d like to get clearer on the path to the place where your greatest joy and the world’s deep need are calling, let’s talk! 45 min. My gift. And, an important filter to take home!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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