Just between us…

I am, indeed, glad I didn’t need a sermon for today!

National holidays are really hard for preachers. (Well, the ones I hang out with.)

Recent news surely doesn’t make things any easier.

I did have an inspiration, though, that helped me cope.

As part of the preparation for my rapidly approaching trip to France, Kathleen McGowan – the leader of the band – suggested that we make a list of our perceived blessings in the context of this moment.

Frankly, it was a helpful shift from swearing at the news!

Here are some things from my list…

  • Three dissenting SCOTUS justices.
  • Feelings… even anger!
  • Questions… which I like a whole lot more than answers!
  • My Intentional Creativity® journey… especially, in this moment, the Legend 2023 painting who is teaching me so deeply, even when I haven’t yet picked up a brush. And discovering images as a way to express myself!
  • Family… those I was raised with, the blessing of those who come after me, those on my Red Thread, and ancestors waiting to share roots and my place in the story.
  • Dreams.
  • Truth to paint.
  • Stories to tell.
  • Learning new things.
  • Concrete Passion and Very Large Hope… ie. the Legendary Husband
  • Claiming the Freedom to be who I was created to be! (Even now…) And the courage to preach that, with every fiber of my being… to people with ears to hear.

Well, you get the drift!

Then, believer in curiosity that I am, I read the next suggestion from Kathleen.

Basically, she suggested taking the list and turning it into a thank you note to the Creator of our best, deepest, growing understanding.

Mine got a little mushy. Here are a few lines at the end…

Thank you for helping me see that I can edit my filters and choose my Map of Reality! Walk with me, please, and guide my travels and learnings on this path to France. May I find not only history, but a vision for my future. Thank you for being You and loving me. In partnership with the Divine, I create,

Oh! There’s another thing I’m thankful for! The witness of Joan Baez. She, too, reminds me of hope in the midst of the news.

I had to hunt a bit to find the video I needed in this moment. It’s a particular performance of a song she sings a lot. And there’s a punchline at the very end that I lean on when it’s hard for me to pray honestly.

Possibly the best 2 minutes and 12 seconds of your day!

May we all go in Peace!

ps… Kathleen McGowan’s book is The Source of MIRACLES… 7 Steps to Transforming your Life Through THE LORD’S PRAYER

pps… so, I’m going to be wearing my perfect for travel leggings all over France. And I’m extending the special offer, just for you! Now, through July 22nd, you can save on 2 pair… any design, any size! Check out FierceArtWithHeart! Daphne says to add the special code: BUY 2 – SAVE $8

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  1. This was a good post to read to catch up with what you are up to these days. I see you have a new book coming out! I loved your Grandmother book amd J finally got the grandbaby last July! Take care!

    1. So good to hear from you! Thanks for reading and enjoy that grandbaby!

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