An Untitled Poem and a Valentine Photo

This poem grew out of the writing prompt for day 9 of the WriteYourselfAlive challenge. Our task was to write a poem and then voice record and post it online. Some of you have seen hints of what came after this on my Facebook posts. Let me assure you that, temporary feelings aside, all is well. (Except for the voice recording of this which I still haven’t convinced myself, or figured out how, to do. We’ll see what happens next!)

It snowed. Just a little.

I know this because the dog felt the need to bark at the snow.

I sewed. Or tried.

It took 20 minutes to fix the iron.

I haven’t used it since the last quilt.

It took half an hour to get the tension right.

The machine. My personal tension is harder!

Since we moved the furniture, everything is wrong.


It’s cold. Inside, too.

I made tea and wrapped up in my quilt to ponder.

The dog broke my printer.


Way more pieces than optimal.

Research time! It’s harder for quilters.

The last lemon in the fruit bowl was covered in mold.

Lentil soup needs lemon.

And it’s only lunch time.

I think I’ll call Alexander and move to Australia.

First, I pondered some more.

The snow quit.

I got half a quilt block done and it’s great!

I wanted a new iron, anyway.

Ditto, the printer.

My belly is full.

I have  heat. Though it’s still cold.

I have a friend to help me move stuff.

It really won’t take much.

I seem to have written a poem.

Maybe I won’t move to Australia.

At least not today!

I still need to print my client’s doc.

Recording my poem still terrifies me.

Good thing I don’t know how!

With thanks to Judith Viorst and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach