The Dog Show Came Again!

Hi, Everybody!

It’s me, again. Sarah. I was so excited about the dog show, Mom said I could tell about it this year!

I’ve lived here almost 2 years, now, and this is my second time for the dog show. Mom says there are lots of them but this one is the big one. The Westminster Kennel Club show. It happens right about Valentine’s Day every year. I thought Valentine’s Day was cool because Mom made her fancy new chocolate chip cookies for Dad. Maybe the dog show is even better, though. We had dinner early both nights and all sat on the couch together, which really works for me! (Besides, no chocolate for dogs!)

There are lots of lights at the dog show and people talking and very loud clapping, which, frankly, I could do without. And so many kinds of dogs! Big ones and little ones. Hairy ones and odd looking, naked ones. There was even a Newfoundland who looked just like me but a whole different color. They all run in circles. I like the ones who try to pick up leftover treats from the ground, though Mom says you’re not really supposed to do that.

Mom also says she used to be one of those people running in circles with dogs at the show. (Well, not Westminster, but other shows!) She says it was fun and she learned a lot. Mom likes learning. I was hoping she’d tell me what she learned, and she did!

She says she learned that the most important thing is to do your best. And to be exactly who you are. It’s not so much about being better than everybody else. It’s about being true to your own kind.

A tall, skinny, spotted dog named C.J. won the big prize. The biggest ribbon I’ve ever seen and a bowl that I don’t think was for water. He’s a German Shorthaired Pointer. Apparently dogs like C.J. like to find birds. Birds are cool, but I like squirrels better. Though sometimes I hit my head when I try to chase one up a tree!

Anyway, even I could tell that C.J. was a really good dog. Mom says the judge picked the right dog, even though I think we were secretly cheering for a funny looking one named Annabelle. She’s a Bulldog. Her face wobbles around funny when she runs on little, short legs. I’m not real sure why everybody laughed, but she looked like she was having lots of fun.

Mom says having fun is important. Like when I get to play with my squeaky football. Though, mostly, I have to do that outside because I get so excited I bump into things and Mom worries that I’ll get hurt. Or maybe break the house!

Mom also says I’d have won if they knew me. I’m not so sure, but I really like it when she says that. Trying to be a better and better me is hard some days. But I have an important job to do. I listen to people. And cuddle with them when they’re sad. And the more I learn, the more people I can cuddle with. That sounds good to me! And, besides, Mom says she thinks her days of running in circles at dog shows are probably in the past. I think that means we don’t do that anymore. She seems OK with that, though. Which is good because I think we’ve got another book to write. I hope the next book has food in it. Our house smells really good when she’s writing about that! And she’s doing the thing she calls quilting again. My job is to stay out of the cords for the iron. I’m getting pretty good at that, too.

Being a rescue dog is a good thing. Things change, but that’s OK. Mom and Dad love me just the way I am. (Though I think the crate means I’m not supposed to get into trouble when I’m home alone!) Anyway, we’ll watch Westminster again next year. I do think Dad’s hoping for more cookies before then!

If you have a dog, or even a cat, give them a hug. Hugs are good! And Mom says I get to write again soon. If the plumber’s here too much, I might get to write really soon!

Love, Sarah

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach