An Untitled Poem and a Valentine Photo

This poem grew out of the writing prompt for day 9 of the WriteYourselfAlive challenge. Our task was to write a poem and then voice record and post it online. Some of you have seen hints of what came after this on my Facebook posts. Let me assure you that, temporary feelings aside, all is well. (Except for the voice recording of this which I still haven’t convinced myself, or figured out how, to do. We’ll see what happens next!)

It snowed. Just a little.

I know this because the dog felt the need to bark at the snow.

I sewed. Or tried.

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A Room for an Author

On Monday I began my third round of the 30 day writing challenge called WriteYourselfAlive. Each day includes some inspirational quotes and some prompts for writing. On day 3, the prompt suggested writing, with lots of sensory detail, about our favorite writing space, actual or imagined. This is mine. The real deal. An author named Annie Dillard feels that writers should work in basically empty, not very comfortable, completely uninspiring spaces that will not distract them from the truth of what needs saying. I’ve enjoyed some of her work quite a lot but I don’t think I’m going to her place to write!

Bill says I am a cat. (Orange tabby. Nice wide face. Not the pinchy-faced kind. Huge sea green eyes. Twitchy tail.)

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