WIP Wednesday


Because it’s Wednesday, it’s Work In Progress (WIP) day in the land of Intentional Creativity. Here’s a glimpse…

A couple of loads of laundry.

Olympic floor sweeping.

A quilt project. The first in almost a year. Rather an urgent gift and an awkward time for the trusty machine of old to have a computer stroke. Blessings on Amazon and a non-computerized variety, more than capable of getting me through the current task.

Done, quilted, washed, dried, and delivered by next Tuesday. (Gulp!)

It’s worth noticing that I bought the terminally ill computerized embroidery machine just after granddaughter number one was born, when I had fantasies of embroidering little duckies on gingham dresses which needed to be, you know, ironed.

So much about that didn’t work!

There’s a painting almost done and one just begun.

Dog barf washed off the floor. (Sorry, but true!)

Wrestling with budget numbers. It seems there is still more I want to learn! And the counting happens with fingers, toes, and heart.

“Bird broth” thawing in the kitchen. Various leftovers lined up to join the party.

I still don’t wear shoes when it’s cold, but soup helps a lot!

The Christmas tree is taken down and headed for the basement. (Laugh if you need to… It’s not February yet!)

Luther’s getting the hang of eye drops. I think he ran into something he couldn’t see and scratched his eye. It got pretty yucky but we’re making good progress. It only takes two of us now!!!

Celebrating some more exciting news… Stacey Abrams, who, in a fair election would be the new governor of Georgia, has been asked to deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union address which, as Bill cleverly noted, is blessedly, not on the same night as the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. That means I get to cheer for an amazing American leader and the Newfoundland dog in the Working Group, live and in person. (Politics, February 5th. Best sporting event of the year, February 11th and 12th.)

Have picked out an inspiring place for my new drum to live when it isn’t busy. (Actual hanging perhaps WIP for next week!)

The rain boots that were too big have been returned with help from Bill. I’m fine with packaging but not so good at post office.

Best, perhaps, of all… my quilt project has reminded me of the liberated Spirit that inspires me to get enough of the rest of this stuff done to make room for art and hope.

Life, it seems, is a work in process.

May you notice whatever works for you in this way and pause a moment to celebrate!


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