We will!

It’s been a bit of a day. Kind of a walk the talk kind of day.

Deep breaths and dog training when about 350 pounds of rambunctious Newfoundlands bounced through the door, energized by a sunny, cold morning and hopes of treats.

Frustration was tempting.

Using a quiet tone of voice to help them calm down works better.

That and a couple of gallons of water with a handful of dehydrated liver!

Preparing a soup delivery for friends. And thanks to Bill for making it happen.

The usual thrills of the dog walking drama amidst a delivery from one of my favorite farmers.

Big bird has landed and I am reminded that local farm shopping has its challenges.

One of those challenges is that food comes when it comes and sometimes a bunch comes at once.

A bunch came today. (On top of the stuff that came yesterday!) That meant putting on the oven gloves and rearranging two freezers so that I will actually be able to find what I put in there, all with the “help” of said 350 pounds of Newfoundlands, who are experts on the notion of groceries.

Eating real food means there is what there is when it’s ready.

It’s a good thing we like turkey!

(Now thawing in the bottom of the fridge.)

All the while, checking my phone obsessively, looking for news from home on a day with a bit more adventure than might be optimal.

And remembering that leaping over dogs is good exercise.

And taking time out from calculating the magic timeline from here to fabulous roast turkey to make some more prayer dots.

It’s a paint thing that’s so much more than paint. Today, prayers of thanks and prayers of petition.

Spiritual and neurological magic.

A bowl of soup for lunch.

Things to thaw for dinner. Real food is a challenge, for people and dogs!

Lots of homework. Some of it kind of scary. Today is the day to “glaze” over about 10 layers of meaning in the beginning of my Legend painting, which basically means making those layers visually disappear despite how hard I’ve worked to get them there.

It’s a process thing and I believe, but I need a bit of reminding on days like this.

Along with more checking the phone.

And more laundry.

And more soup.

And even more dots.

And a reminder from one of the true oracles of our time, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes:


Kind of a walk the talk kind of day.

We can walk together!












Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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