The Muse is Back in Business!

We’ve been a little stressed around here lately. And my Muse may have been feeling a bit left out.

The good news is, she seems to have decided to play again. And I suspect she is, at least in terms of creative process, something of a quilter!

It’s time for me to start a new painting. (Okay, a bit past time.) The official title for the painting is Our Lady of the Flowering Earth.

Somehow scraps of ideas that have been waiting for their turn in my mind seem to have begun to come together in the context of this painting. Here are a few:

My delight in my own garden, which is mostly herbs and veg surrounded by oak leaf hydrangeas and the ever essential roses.

Memories of Italy… especially ancient olive trees and fragrant rosemary cascading over rustic stone walls, both silvery-green.

And then, from the fabulous book, Braiding Sweetgrass, which I’m reading just now, a fascinating description of the indigenous tradition known as three sisters planting for corn and beans and squash.

A hint from the wise and talented Julie Steelman that we painting sisters could find great support in creating an abundance canvas.

Then, oddly, perhaps, an old hypnosis healing metaphor that has lived inside me for 20 years.

And an inspiration from another dear paint sister in terms of how to begin the form I imagine for this particular feminine figure.

All of which are coming together to make a painting that will be unique to this time and place, which is really exciting to me!

At the moment, it’s a very rough sketch, an intention, and a waiting canvas.

Somewhere down the road, it will join a growing collection of my work available online.

There are two possibilities for shopping.

The first is Fine Art America which is a great place to browse fabulous phone cases, stunning shower curtains, posters, and many intriguing things from tote bags to throw pillows. Also, the beasties adore their yoga mats!

And a thrilling new option… fine art marketplace which features extremely high-resolution, museum quality gallery-wrapped canvas prints and giclée works on amazing watercolor paper I just want to rub between my fingers. I have my very own page!

The process is fascinating, and blessedly local here in Atlanta. Barry and the wizards from digital arts studio use a rare scanning system to create a digital file of a painting and then, after extensive color matching, print the image using a 12-color archival ink process.

As I learn more, there will be more options from fine art marketplace, including stunning round occasional tables. It’s like Disney World for artists and art collectors!

They do custom, archival framing. There’s also an option to inquire about a collection of original works.

Shipping is, of course, available. And, for Atlanta friends, a chance to pick-up in person and dream a bit at digital arts studio.

I’m excited. The Muse seems to be, too! We hope you’ll wander by, find some inspiration, and perhaps comment on a favorite or two.

The art work shown above is a giclée of a commissioned painting titled Mamaw’s Farm on 18×24 inch heavy water color paper, hand signed and numbered. It’s available here, in several sizes and formats, unframed or custom framed. 

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach