Quite the Adventure!

At the risk of sounding like one of my many-great grandmothers regailing you with stories of a long boat ride to America, Bill and I went out to dinner!

The occasion was our 30th and 31st anniversaries. Last year was way too scary and this year was somewhat less scary due to our being fully vaccinated.

I would be less than truthful if I didn’t tell you that I was a bit anxious. Nonetheless, off we set for The Iberian Pig, one of our absolute favs on the square in Decatur. This after ascertaining that we could make reservations for an outdoor table.

I had to dust my shoes before we left!

The pockets of my trusty denim vest were filled with the usual artistically covered phone, business cards, art cards and lip gloss. Also stuffed in there, a “dressy” mask and my favorite bottle of hand sanitizer.

It was, blessedly, less scary in practice than in theory.

The food was, as ever, fabulous! Especially the pork cheek tacos!!!

The servers were considerate and careful.

And I missed our kids!

Both girls adore the famous green things known in our family as owl-wivs. They would eat nothing else for dinner if we’d let them and at this point, I’d probably let them. (Shhhhh….)

It’s been a weekend for big things that feel new.

Gloria graduated with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a pretty fancy award to go with it. All of which makes helping her with the funding for her PhD work feel even more important. The world needs her voice!

If you’d like to help, you can read more, here… https://gofund.me/8417ad9b All gifts are hugely appreciated!

It feels to me a lot like living in the Village at Columbia did, in the late ’80’s. We watched each others kids, fed our neighbors, and did our homework together.

Tonight, though, it’s homework time at my house, for I am learning new things. Again. And sending blessings to you and yours!

ps… the lovely lady at the top is Gloria’s painting of Rahab who saved her family with a red thread!

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