Meet the bears!

You know how sometimes things are intense and exhausting and really helpful, all at the same time? Well, that’s how my week began!

Two days of the kind of teaching that makes part of me go, “OMG! I’m going to have to change some things!”

Another part chimes in with, “Yay! Finally!”

And another part is grateful for the bears.

That’s Lodebar on the left. World’s best neck roll!

Lodebar’s been around since I was deep in struggling through Hebrew grammar. By struggling, I mean an F at midterms. An event I had no box for in my head.

His name is a word I learned that semester. In Hebrew, it means nothing, or no place which, I’ll freely admit doesn’t sound too cozy out of context. In context, it meant that there is nothing or no place where G-d is not. (Including Hebrew grammar!)

Then there’s Henry, beside him. Henry used to hang at my office and help folks tell the really, really deep, hard stories they’d been carrying around for ages. Lately, he hangs out with my girls when they’re here. (He’s not big on the whole Zoom thing just yet!)

And, yes, that’s my Work-in-Progress for this Wednesday, keeping them company. (AKA the late Congressman John Lewis.)

John and I are making progress and I now know what comes next. Read that next, after my SI joint calms down.

Henry has suggested, gently, that you might be wondering what John Lewis is doing hanging out with the bears.

That’s easy. Congressman Lewis wanted – and probably still wants – all of us to have the civil rights so many of us take for granted. And all of us to be able to vote. To, literally, have our voices heard.

I find that comforting right now. Hopeful. And motivating in the same way as my adventures from the last couple of days. It’s about claiming that change is possible, even though it’s probably always going to take some work.

John and Lodebar and Henry and I are in. And there are a whole bunch more prayer dots to make! (In this case, cherry blossoms!)

If you’re in, too, please take a look at the GoFundMe request for our very talented friend, Gloria, who painted this amazing image of Vashti, and needs some help. Every gift really does help, and the deadline is getting close!

ps… Lodebar and Henry say they’re taking prayer dot requests. You can leave a message for me and I’ll pass it on!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach