Questions, answers, and vision!

Okay… this is a true story which all happened in the last 24 hours and six years! (Well, closer to 36 hours and six years, by the time you read this!)

I got up Wednesday morning and fixed my tea.

Dog out. Dog in. The whole exercise bit, which Phoebe thinks is about treats but is actually good for her hips. (And, just possibly, not hurting mine any, either!)

YouTube music. It’s International Women’s Day, so the choice was obvious. Joan Baez!

Then, my daily meeting with my calendar. Find out what’s when. Check messages and email and all the rest. See what needs to change. Decline, intentionally, to shop. Post some stuff. (You know the routine!)

And, along the line, a question from my wise friend, Samantha Bennett

According to all my astrologically-inclined friends, this is a great time to make a wish – so… what would you like?

I’ll tell you my answer in just a moment, but first…

Mattering Matters, the new Intentional Creativity® Guild group my wise buddy, Natalie Moyes, and I are leading, had happened the day before.

Imagine a (virtual) room of marvelous creative women with big dreams and stuff on their paths from here to there.

Old stuff or new. Huge stuff or heaps of smaller stuff. Internal stuff or external. All of it feeling in the way!


As it happens, the painting at the top – which is farther along in not terribly noticeable, but hugely important, ways than it was on Sunday – was sitting behind me as kind of a virtual backdrop in the meeting.

And it helped me explain, in that moment, a thing about medicine painting which I had been living since 2017 but am only beginning to put words to as I continue to learn.

To boil it down for this conversation, the canvas is the context where the questions and answers and vision get to dance and become!

As you might imagine, my walls are filled with such magic portals!

So, back to this morning, after a night of the Grandmother Moon portal whispering, as she so often does, in the ear of my consciousness.

You – wise friend – guessed it!

Yesterday’s meeting and last night’s whispering and this morning’s question all went poof in the big blue stock pot on the canvas and a new ah-hah! strategy appeared… in my heart!

Part of my path… of my walking the Way of Love is to help ready people just like you to paint their own medicine.

And another part of my path is to paint commissioned medicine paintings for gifts or celebrations or just because it’s time… in conversation with those who are not quite ready yet. And, quite possibly, fabulous medicine clothes, too!

(You have to squint to see it, but there’s a huge reason that the big, blue stock pot has the essence of the Filters adventure marked on it!!!)

And, just in case you’re wondering… yep! It did, indeed, happen just this way! (Plus a few zillion ah-hah! moments along the path…)

For now, though, back to the world where my actual stock pot is planning a big adventure in healing for the next couple of days…

And I have an appointment at the magical place my son used to refer to as The Fix Hay, which is hair salon to most of us. (Not totally unlike medicine painting…)

ps… so, what would you like??? Let’s talk… on me!

pps… and, in honor of amazing women everywhere, take an extra 10% off on an original painting at FierceArtwithHeart! Just enter the code Women’s Day when you check out! (Hurry!!! Now through Saturday night!)

ppps… after the Fix Hay adventure, which is kind of a closer-but-not-quite-there situation, I opted for a brief nap. Shouting and sirens from an ER re-run woke me, with my pulse racing. Major chemical contamination. Evacuate the ER. People stuck in an elevator… and my first thought, when I figured it out, was that once upon a time, I did that kind of medicine. Medicine Painting feels much more hopeful these days. We’re just going to need a whole lot more of us onboard to help outweigh the challenges around us!

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