All the parts of me… and you!

Truth time!

I wasn’t a cool kid.

No kindergarten meant I started first grade knowing my abc’s and 123’s. Period. (I was okay with having missed the nap bit!)

I had to stand in the corner in gym class because I couldn’t climb the rope. The one attached to the ceiling!

We never lived anywhere long enough, when I was small, for me to have a forever friend. Except the other Sue I saw once every couple of years. They let me visit even though I couldn’t eat the beets! (I tried!!!)

Then, I was taller and/or smarter than most of the boys, which wasn’t a path to popular in those days.

And I always felt like my head was a whole lot better place to hang out than my body! (There are early trauma stories that go with that conclusion. I’m betting you can do the math.)

Fast forward through my early adult years. They weren’t much fun, but I got a fabulous kid out of the deal!

Not much money. Not much sleep. Lots of student loans.

The bottom line is… we made it! Dave and I. And, the weekend I graduated from seminary, Bill joined the tribe which was – and is – very good news!

The 1990’s, however, were still not a great time to be a closet liberal finding her voice in a pulpit in the southern United States.

Maybe my voice found me!

And, in many ways, my body bailed, for the next decade became the knee surgery era. Survival, it seemed, meant pretending the pain wasn’t there. And that pretty much meant not existing from my neck, down.

My ears still worked, though. Listening to clients. Helping them sort their stories. To find the pictures in the jigsaw puzzles of their hearts.

It’s been a few more years since then and I am surprising myself!

First, you need to know that I have a thing for labels. Well, technically I like questions better, but sometimes we do need labels and I like choosing them! (For me. You choose your own!)

Anyway, my personal label just got a bit longer. And, yes… I’m still painting Apothecary! (Or is it painting me???)

This label thing has been a little scary lately. I’ve been claiming more of me. And late last night I figured out why!

A month or so ago, I started signing my name, followed by these words:

Gnostic Judeo-Christian Mystic walking the Way of Love.

Last night, after a huge day of writing and painting and – most of all – listening as deep as I know how, my label insisted on getting a bit longer!

At least, it will… when my tech buddy helps get it flung all over the auto-things which often feel like they’re trying to take over my world.

And, yes… it’s coming. Just as soon as I acknowledge that there are a whole lot of traditions rolled into this label. Traditions which are all mine in some ways, though not all of them obvious.

There’s just one more thing you need to know before I sign this.

I’m so thrilled and present in this moment that the very trustworthy tears I keep wiping away, lest I cry in my laptop, are confirming that I’m all in. Body. Mind. Spirit. Vision. So…

Dr. Sue Boardman

Gnostic Judeo-Christian Mystic Medicine Woman walking the Way of Love (aka The Fiercely Compassionate Fairy Grandmother, for Rent!)

ps… I want to help you get to your version of this centered, empowered place, too! It has a lot to do with editing our maps of reality. Kind of like the photo, above… which will take a bit of explaining one day! It’s a whole-person thing!!! The first step is you and me in a Zoom room with whatever is calling to the real, deep you. The calendar elves will hook you up with 45 minutes. On me!

pps… shhh!!! There’s another new pair of fabulous leggings coming soon at FierceArtWithHeart and you’re going to want to be first in line! (The handprints are symbols of power!!!) For today, check out the cool art mugs!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach