Sanctuary: a place of…

Officially, refuge or safety.

In this case, also community and discovery!

And you’re invited!!!

We’ve been a bit short on that sort of gathering place these last few years. And there are some folks in the world who would probably like to keep it that way! (I’m not one of those!)

So, I have an invitation for you… an invitation to Red Madonna Sanctuary, 2023.

And, yes, this particular Sanctuary is all in the virtual realm with sisters from around the world. (Well, at the moment… many things are possible!)

I’ve been a part of the Intentional Creativity® journey known as Red Madonna for several years, now. And, yes, paint is involved!

If, by chance, you’re muttering that you don’t paint… that you’re not artistic, perhaps… I so hope you’ll keep reading because I’ve been there, too! And Sanctuary is also about writing and sharing and being on a year long adventure with an amazing group of women, all gathered for – well – growing, in community.

The painting, above, is deep under-layers from the 2022 Red Madonna journey, known as Forest of Grandmothers.

It’s Intention, of course. And paint and collage. And roots and mountains. And Grandmother Moon’s alter-ego!

It’s also tears and prayer dots and deep, deep learning.

And, perhaps my favorite part of all… claiming my story! Where I’ve been and where I’m going. And my life is different because of that journey!

It is, even though we didn’t necessarily call it that all the time, medicine painting.

There’s a lot of neurological stuff involved in that statement. What it all boils down to is that opening ourselves to processes like this one gives us more access to our stories and to experiences that can help some of the hard ones heal.

This is a glimpse of Our Lady of Living Waters with some details on the exciting plan for this year…

Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud will be leading an amazing painting process with the Divine MA (That’s Maaaaaaa, not Master of Arts, though…) and the circle of the years and the elements. Anasuya Isaacs will be teaching on the Black Madonna and Dr. Havi Brysk Mandell will be doing teachings from Jewish mystical traditions, with a half-year painting on the Tree of Life elements and the Divine Mother, through Shekhinah. Mary Ann Matthys will be offering teachings every waxing moon on creating meaningful rituals. And, on the waning/Crone moon, I will bring in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes’ energy of the fireside of the dangerous old women in a variety of ways. All of this with a focus on the Divine Mother, Sanctuary, and Sacred Sovereignty

Just in case this sounds to you like lots of rules, it’s not! Instead, it is, intentionally, a place for making our own choices. For walking the spiritual path which is calling to us. (And, in my case, for following the path of several of my way-back great grandmothers who made very similar, intentional, choices in their lives!)

This is the invitation link: I’m so hoping you’ll summon your courage and click it, even if you’re not yet sure this is your thing. There are great stories in there. And a whole lot of Hope!

We are also a part of Musea University, so there will be 3 university credits available, if you choose.

I know it is going to be a deep, powerful, and amazing journey and I so hope that you will be bringing your voice, presence, art, and sacred self to our Red Madonna sisterhood this year. It’s going to take a lot of us, still standing, still dancing, and being Sanctuary to help shift the energy in this world! And, it’s time!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk.  I would love to share the Sanctuary journey with you!

ps… there is an investment involved and we really want this to work for you if you feel called! There are options available for workable payments.

pps… the painting at the very top of the email you got, if you’re on my list, is my second ever IC painting – my Tree of Life. (If you’re not on the list yet, click the annoying pop-up thingy and the elves will hook you up!)

ppps… when I started painting, I had to ask how to wash brushes. And now, I get to help guide! We’ve got you!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach