Fear… and medicine painting!

Or, sometimes the evil elves might actually be helpful… at least with learning.

It’s been a bit of a week!

On Wednesday, the blog elves were AWOL. (Long, not terribly interesting, story.)

By Saturday, with a lot of help from my Wizard Buddy, Veronica, they were back and even speedier.

They were, also, apparently hungry. The draft of this story, which began on Friday, got eaten. (It may have had something to do with my not knowing which finger to move to get the next right thing to happen…)

The topic for our time together, though, has not changed.

First, an old trick from my years as a Camp Nurse… Freddy is fine!

In this case, Bill is fine. Though he has some totally unplanned new foot/ankle complications going on. Ace bandage – at which I am quite the expert – and a follow-up doc visit this week.

Part of me, though, has been having nightmares about life with two of us being stair-avoidant in a house not built with 2 adults, 1 very large dog, and 3 businesses as intended residents.

Enter, blessedly, medicine painting. Specifically, Apothecary, in the land of Intentional Creativity®.

Or, in my lingo… a fabulous tool for Unsticking Stuck Stuff! We began on Saturday. And I am honored to be one of the support team/camp counselors, in addition to being a participant in the adventure.

This is one of those journeys in which process is way more important than outcome. As in, we are not trying to match the couch! (Though it could happen, depending on your interpretation of match!)

And, just between us, it’s a challenge – still – to pick up a brush and have no real idea what will appear on the canvas!

And, that, dear hearts, is a pretty great way to understand the magic.

What would it take for us to set aside all the decades and generations of emphasis on outcome and best and grades and reputation and having hated physics to open ourselves to learning a new thing???

I’ll give you a hint… the first thing it takes is choice.

As in consciously choosing to value the journey…

Now, no need for panic! You don’t have to give up all the familiar stuff forever! Just long enough to see what it’s like for you in a particular context and a particular moment.

Then, if you choose, you can practice some more… later!

All of which is a good chance for me to practice the modeling thing. You know… me showing up real-deal and trusting that there might just be more value to you in that than in me showing up in my perfect suit.

You see, the painting won’t be done when it’s time to push the button on the blog tonight which leaves you with close to the beginning, at the top, and where I am now, just below.

It’s not much to look at.

And, it’s a whole lot of learning going on!

I can tell you the big message, though. It’s not a totally new message for me. I heard it first at the beginning of my Color of Woman journey in 2018. And I didn’t intentionally fish it out of the basket for this moment.

Well, not consciously.

My hand did the choosing. A personal code you won’t even notice hiding amongst the layers. A code which means this:

The chains which bound me are broken and I am free, already.

The only question which really remains is what I will do with that message!

ps… even if there is furniture moving involved, it will be easier for remembering this!

pps… interested in a similar adventure??? I can help! Grab a cuppa and some red thread if it’s handy and let’s talk!

ppps… the basket comes next!

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  1. Love so much about this! (Can’t wait to see the “finished” painting, not too ohh and ah at the product (focusing on the outer form) but to see where the process led you!

    1. Thank you, Claire, for reading and hearing! I can’t wait, too! Woke up this morning with a whole bunch more directions from Grandmother Moon. Progress!!!

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