Newfies Are Good At Helping!

Hi! It’s me, Sarah!!!

Mom’s doing that thing she calls writing again. It must be fun because she sure does a lot of it.

Sometimes I kind of wish she’d do a little less. She doesn’t really want to play football with me when she’s writing and she says, “Wait, please,” a lot. I know those words!

Right now she’s writing about soup. She says that’s why the house smells so good. I like soup. Sometimes she makes me some of my very own. It has things I’m not allergic to in it. (Whatever that means!) And it’s supposed to help my back and hips feel better. Mom said she’d even put the recipe for my soup in her book. Maybe I’ll be famous!

Anyway, I asked if I could do the blog this weekend. Dogs have things to talk about, too! (And I think, maybe, she could use the help right now. Newfies are good at helping!)

Yesterday, I made a new friend. She came to meet me because she wants to have a Newfie like me someday and she wanted to learn more about how to take care of one of us. She and Mom talked a lot and she petted me and rubbed my belly the whole time! Mom said I was helping dogs I don’t even know. I like that!

It’s also been kind of a hard week. Mom spent a little time yelling at the TV. The people on the TV were yelling, too. I really don’t like yelling and Mom tries hard not to do it. I think she was pretty upset.

She’s also doing the other kind of writing again. The kind with the pieces of paper I’m not supposed to eat. She says she’s doing that so our girls will have a better world. I’m not sure I understand. Mom says it’s about being a grandmother. I love the girls too, so it’s ok with me! It must be hard, though. Sometimes she needs Kleenex to do it. That usually means something is hard, at least around here.

It’s been really hot, too. I have to have shorter walks when it’s really hot. And I can’t go places in the car. Mom says she’s trying to fix that, too, with all this writing. I don’t really understand but I think less hot is a good thing.

You know, I’m learning a lot. (I’m 3 1/2 now!) I know that it’s my job to watch out the window when somebody brings a package. I know I can go out on the front porch to greet people when they come to visit. But only if they’re people we know! I’m getting really good at the new stairs that go to the backyard. It’s fun to stand at the top for a minute and check out the squirrels! And blogging is lots of fun! Mom fixes the hard parts like spelling. I’m not so good at that but I’m pretty sure that when she and Dad say that thing about “W-A-L-K” they’re talking about going for a walk! (I’m not sure I’m supposed to know that!)

I’m really glad I got a family that needs me. Right now, I’m going to help Mom take a nap! Apparently, we have more soup to write about later! Maybe we’ll do my kind of soup tonight.

Thanks for reading! Oh, Mom says there will be a place for comments at the end of my post and you could tell me about your dog, or your grandkids, or really anything. That sounds fun!

Love, Sarah


PS – If you’re new to our blog, Mom says to say that you can go to the thing called a sidebar on our home page (I know what “home” means!) and scroll down to find more of my blogs in a category called Sarah. (That’s me! I’m lost now, but Mom seems pretty sure.) Also, on the home page, in the center, are some things called drop down menus. If you click the one called activist, you’ll find my special article on Newfoundland Rescue. Mom says I did a really good job with that. I like the picture! Anyway, thanks again!


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  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Leyla and Cherie is my pet human. I chose her when she came to a shelter where I was staying. I’ve lived with her and my other pet human, Mike, for the past 7 years. I also have a brother who is a black and white cat named Mozart. Anyway, my mom doesn’t make me soup, but she does give me special treats that are supposed to help my hips – and they are SO yummy. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I need to go take a nap while mom works on her computer. She is drawing pictures that she calls process maps, whatever those are.

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