Mom had an adventure!

Hi! It’s me Luther. I asked really politely and Mom said I could tell you the story she told me after she left us home alone today (!) and went away in the car.

First, I’m supposed to say that our blog might be a little later today than usual because Mom might need a nap and I haven’t learned how to type yet. The first thing I’m supposed to do is think of a picture. (This is a bit of a challenge for me since I can’t see. I think she’s trying to keep me busy during nap time!)

Instead of a picture, I think I thought of a feeling. The feeling I have when Mom and her friends are doing the thing called painting. I don’t really get it, except that the energy feels good and sometimes there’s dancing. (Nobody’s allowed to dance on me!)

This morning, instead of people coming to paint, Mom let us play outside longer than usual, which was great because it was chilly but not wet, while she did the thing called “getting ready” which usually means she’d rather we didn’t drool on her. We can always tell she’s going somewhere when she has shoes and lip gloss on at the same time!

Then she gave us extra treats and we got in our boxes. I’m okay with the box thing because Sarah is in there with me. She told us to guard the fort and left with a couple of the things called canvases.

We waited quite a while. Then our Auntie Barb came and took us for walks. It was later than usual, but it all worked out. The sun was shining, which was nice, but those things called gum balls were all over the road which I don’t like so much. They hurt my feet.

After we had another nap, Mom came home. She was so excited about what she learned. Apparently she left the two things called paintings to be scanned. I don’t know what that is but it sounds like it makes really pretty pictures.

Then Mom sat on the floor beside me and told me about how she got lost on the way to the place that makes prints. She said she was thinking about me a lot because even though she could see, she didn’t have any idea where she was going and she thought that must be a lot like how I feel.

Soon, I’m going back to see my friend, the eye doctor. Mom and my Auntie Karen think my left eye is worse than it was, which is kinda funny when I can’t see anyway, but they seem a little worried.

I’ll go. It’s hard to get in the car, but everybody is nice to me and they let Mom stay with me. Also, they don’t make me sit in the waiting room, which is pretty scary. And I get treats.

I think people should see Mom’s paintings because she works really hard and she and her friends are really trying to make a difference in the world. Mom says they help people be less scared and I’m really in favor of that!

For now, though, I think people should do what makes them feel brave. Trust me. Brave can be really hard. But it makes the world a better place. Now, if only we could figure out a way for me to get in the car more easily. It’s a puzzle. (But I’m brave!)

Oh, ps…. I know you’ve seen parts of this painting before but I wanted to be sure you knew the big blue guy in the corner is a mythical Newfoundland, like me! Oh, and we’re making soup!!!




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  1. Love your writing Sue! Is this word press format? I need to be brave and do a new site. It takes all the wind out of my sails! lol

    1. Thank you, Cindy! So glad you’re here!!! Yes, it’s WordPress. Please let me know if it’s ok to email you on getting you out in the world…

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