Life and Change…

Hi everybody…  it’s me, Phoebe!

Mom asked if I’d like to blog today. I think she’s a little tired. There’s been a whole lot of stuff going on around here!

Yesterday was garden day. Our friend, Randy, came and made lots of noise but the pine cones and gum ball things are mostly gone which is good because they hurt my feet when I walk on them.

Mom was very excited about the stuff called asparagus which has miraculously appeared out front again.

Luther is a little confused. Mom had Randy cut down the holly bush out back (again!) because it has sharp, pointy leaves and sometimes Luther walks into it.

Well, pretty often, actually. Mom says that since you’re all really good friends it’s okay if I say that the bush was Luther’s favorite place to pee. It seems like he’s going to have to find a new favorite place but he’s really smart so I think it will be fine.

Sarah’s been chasing those tiny little dragons out on the deck. Mom keeps telling her they don’t taste good but she’s determined!

Today we all got a nice nap while Mom and Dad went to pick up some things called proofs from the place that can make one of Mom’s paintings into lots that look the same. Mom was so happy, she cried. And put the paintings where we couldn’t drool on them.

I’m so excited!!! Sarah and I are going to Camp Monday and Tuesday. (Please don’t tell Luther. He’s going to someplace called the eye doctor which doesn’t sound like quite as much fun to me.) The weather is supposed to be awesome and we get to do something called reviewing which I think means Mom really wants me to come when she calls me. Like right away.

We’ve been painting a lot and Mom says she needs space for something called making videos which kind of sounds like watching The West Wing but seems like it might take more stuff.

Here’s how I know that. Mom was talking to Dad on the phone the other night when he was in some far away place where it snows. Dad doesn’t like surprises much so, before he got home and found the sketches all over the place, she decided to mention gently that it was time for a bit of Furniture Yahtzee again.

I think Mom likes that game better than Dad does. Luther doesn’t like it much at all but Mom says this time she’s making more room for him to walk without things to bump into and more space for us all to hang out together. And more space for our girls to come and visit! That sounds like a great idea to me.

They’re also talking about ways to keep from drilling holes in the floor for the cable things that make the TV go. I know Mom thinks she doesn’t understand but I really, really have no idea what all that means. I do like it when the dog shows are on.

My Auntie Leisa got a new dog. We haven’t met him yet because he lives in North Carolina. He’s a rescue, just like we are. I think it’s good that there are folks who help dogs like us find homes with people who need us.

And we took some more styrofoam coolers to the people who make houses to keep kitties warm. I don’t know so much about kitties because they usually run when I’m close by but it seems like a good idea to me!

Right now, Mom says we’re going to run spell check real quick and then go to work on our painting. Apparently next week is going to be big on painting!

I’m pretty sleepy anyway. Dinner was good!

Mom and Luther and Sarah and I all hope you are paying attention to love, even in times when there isn’t enough. Dad hopes so, too, but he’s going back to the place where it snows. (And probably hoping all the furniture is moved before he gets home! Mom says not so much.)

We love you!!! Phoebe


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach