“If you could read my mind, love…

What a tale my thoughts would tell!”

Time out! So, the rest of that song really doesn’t work for this story, but, feel free to hum along if you like…

Let’s just say that today, even though I couldn’t see it, my mind was feeling a bit like the painting looks! Kind of like a journey with no clear beginning or end, that ventured into some unexplored places.

A journey through new filters and beliefs. Through new perceptions and world views.

One of today’s stops along the way was in the land of Red Thread Circles. Four women. All of us on the road to being certified Red Thread leaders.

For two of us, practice leading. For all four of us, practice learning. Here are two of the big ah-ha’s for me…

One of my sisters was leading a conversation about creativity and the challenges of talking with people whose perspective is, “But, I’m not creative!”

[Pause for the voices in your head to have their moment…]

Then, we came to the question of how we might talk with children about creating, which is a question I just love!

My answer was immediate and intuitive. “Creating is making something that wasn’t before.”

Art, music, words, gardens, quilts, muffins…

(And, in my world, we do this in partnership with the Divine.)

Trust me when I say that I was grateful for this ah-ha before it was my turn to lead!

You see, I had a plan. (A plan I’d tested before!) It involved questions. My asking them, and all of us exploring our answers.

Guess what!

There were more answers than I’d planned for! Some of which involved a bit of adapting, mid-flow!

Sharing the details might be telling stories which aren’t my own, so I’ll go with this…

Where I wound up was walking my own talk about one of my SuperPowers… modeling.

About creating something that wasn’t before, even when it wasn’t the plan. And being okay with the seeming detour on the way to the place we were really meant to go.

And, maybe – just maybe – helping others along the way.

Frankly, I feel like I’m spending a whole bunch of time in places I’ve never been before, and I’m en-couraged!

We are – when we allow ourselves to notice – all in a place we’ve never been before, and I suspect this journey is going to take a whole lot of new possibilities.

Which, when we get right down to it, is exactly what I’m so hoping to help my girls learn!

And here’s a different bit you may not know… many, many moons ago, I was a surgical scrub nurse. And I’ve actually seen and felt living brains!

Frankly, they’re not much to look at. And it’s kind of a miracle that any noticing and wondering at all happens in there!

That being said, I’m pretty sure that there were places in my brain which were lit up and glowing today. New little paths being created along the way. And that feels like a really good day’s creating!

May it be so for all of us. Soon!

ps… curious about letting your SuperPowers out to play? Take a deep breath and CLICK HERE!

pps… as promised, the fabulous, one of a kind hats and purses – each with their own name – are ready for new homes! And, it’s Christmas in July, so it’s a great time to explore! The elves are waiting with bated breath to help, at FierceArtWithHeart!

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  1. Sometimes creative gets stalled we allow ourselves to stop to be afraid to create. It might be wrong or not worthy of our time. But all creative is good for our soul.

    1. Oh, Jean… I totally agree about all creativity being good for our souls! Thanks for reading and hearing!

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