A peddler, some monkeys, and a business strategy!

There’s a lot going on in my world, just now. Inner and outer!

Grandmother Moon and her team are staying quite busy trying to sort it all in my dreams.

Yesterday morning I woke with a crazy quilt of tiny bits of thoughts in my head… kind of like dandelion fluff.

Frankly, not all of it was fun. For this moment… some of what was!

Let me say, first, that classical dream interpretation is not exactly my professional area of expertise. What you’re about to hear is the noticing & wondering perspective that’s way more me.

I remember tossing and turning a lot. One of those can’t get settled experiences.

And, then, scraps of a story in my head. A dimly familiar story. So dimly, I had to look it up. And, yes, the title was a clue!

Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business by Esphyr Slobodkina, was first published in 1938.

Born in Siberia, in 1908, the author immigrated to the USA on a student visa and attended New York’s National Academy of Design. Eventually, she illustrated books for Margaret Wise Brown, which may be why Grandmother Moon knows her!

Ms. Brown was the author of the classic, Goodnight Moon!

There’s more, though.

You see, my task of this moment is a photo shoot for adding my bespoke hand-knitted and felted hats to FierceArtWithHeart! (Purses, too!)

This is less straightforward than taking photos of paintings. Hats don’t seem to want to just hang on the wall. (At least mine don’t!)

Kudzu was my obvious next move.

Not the enthusiastic plant. The famed neighborhood vintage and collectibles store I adore, which is also a great place for a stroll with air conditioning! I’ve missed them during the stay-at-home spell we’ve been having.

My challenge quickly changed from, Will there be anything that will work? to How will I choose?

And so I wandered. Walking stick. Magic denim vest, complete with MOO cards, measuring tape, and a Good Trouble button!

I made the first loop, you know… noticing and wondering.

And doing math!

The answer to my favorite question – What am I trying to accomplish? – was kind of complicated.

Props for a mythical photo shoot.

Things that would still be welcome and useful after the pics were taken!

And, the big one… Something that would help express the real me. The learning, growing me.

A bit like being naked with a hat on!!!

And, I was truly surprised by what followed me home!

But, with apologies to Ms. Slobodkina, no monkeys! (Though, if I had a sock monkey handy, I might make an exception!)

Now, in case you’re wondering, this isn’t a parable!

I really do want to find homes for a small collection of divine hats and purses.

More than that, I want to set their energy loose in the world! You see, they were knitted with prayer knots, back before I knew about prayer dots!

Knots for hope. And peace. The power of voice. And choice. Of being who we are!

Round and round.


Steps on my path to now. And, I hope, into my dreams for the future, which have gotten a bit bigger and more adventurous just recently!

It may seem like an odd business strategy, but it’s real for me! And, quite possibly, for a very few special folks with the vision to really see something magical out of almost nothing.

I’ve made a whole lot of progress… with huge help from The Legendary Husband! Not quite enough help, yet, to have all the fabulous listings active tonight. So, a hint!

Hats and purses with names! Sophia and Diana and Iris and Frida and a couple of less familiar ones like Garsenda – or Garsinde – depending on where you’re from. Named for several of my grandmothers!

And huge thanks… You inspire me!

ps… not sure what’s next for you? I can help! Start here…

pps… there’s lots of very exciting art ready for new homes, already! And, in honor of some up-coming Red Thread Circle practice groups, great mugs for a cuppa! It’s Christmas in July and everything is 20% off!!!

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