When silence meets loud & change happens!

Or, a reason for listening…

Yesterday was more of a zoo than usual around here. You know how it goes…

Meetings moving. Favorite Fix-it guy doing homework before magic. Matting prints. (Lots!)

Plus, the latest January 6 hearing.

And, after that, a much needed massage!

I won’t bore you with all the parts that hurt, or don’t do just what I ask for.

I will claim, from the roof-tops, that taking time out from the chaos to intentionally let somebody help is a good thing!

So good, that – after our fine dining experience and a bit of Finding Your Roots on PBS – I actually made it to bed before midnight. (Colbert is still on vacation!)

And, as you might imagine, Grandmother Moon had some things on her mind!

Blessedly, she let me sleep a while, first.

Then the batch of maybe-sort of-lucid dreams.

One of them with sound AND pictures, which is a bit unusual for me. AND, I can share (most of) it with you! All you have to do is CLICK… (If this is not familiar, be brave, please. I’ve got you!)

Frankly, this is NOT the version I sang around the campfire at summer camp. And that’s probably the reason it showed up last night!


There is a connection, though, deep in my soul.

And, yes, you may have heard this story here before, but please hang with me. It’s my first Red Thread Circle memory… with a few twists.

Imagine, please, a big circle of girls sitting in the midst of a Florida State Park.

Our fearless leader, Jean, has handed each of us an index card with the name of a living element of the local eco-system written on it. Pine tree. Gopher tortiose. Poison ivy. Owl…

Then, Jean brings out a huge ball of red yarn. Like basketball sized! And she shows us how to toss it, from one to another, across the circle. Weaving, really, a web like our neighbors in the forest – the enormous banana spiders – made for their homes.

Then, the challenge!

Each of us was to explain how the element named on our index card was dependent on the element from the card across the web, on the other end of our thread.

For example… how was my gopher tortoise dependent on a turkey oak tree?

And, yes, it involved lots of thinking new thoughts!

Kind of like how things such as art and 1/6 hearings and massage and vivid dreams of that Disturbed video are interdependent…

Well, I have an answer, but I’m a whole lot more interested in what’s hatching inside you! And I really hope you’ll reply to this and let me know!

For now, just a bit more Red Thread wisdom…

We all have a piece of the Red Thread. And we’re responsible for our piece. Not all the pieces, but ours! Because they are all woven together and we all matter!

ps… need some help with YOUR piece of the Red Thread? The next right thing is simple! CLICK HERE!!!

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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