Bless the beasts and children!

Our kids are here! It’s been almost a year and a half and I’m close to weeping with the joy.

We’re being as wise as we can be. The adults are fully vaccinated or half-way there. Masks abound. We’re even using a bigger table for eating so we have more personal distance. And there’s lots of hand washing going on!

We are, of course, painting.

We’re also heavily involved with the new family bonding adventure known as dog brushing. Phoebe and Luther are in huge beast heaven!

Swiffering is an excellent form of quiet exercise.

Our kitchen is packed full of willing chefs. Tonight, a truffle risotto experiment. I miss Italy, and the girls are adventurous eaters.

I am at peace in a way I haven’t been since the pandemic started.

Well, almost. We’ll leave Georgia state politicians for another day.

There’s a line for the shower. I have no idea where the kitchen mandoline may have run off to. Pollen is taking over the world. Not sure we’re going to have time for planting seeds as there is way more weeding to be done than even a couple of days ago.

Full disclosure: I was tempted to type, just a moment ago, the old statement:

All manner of thing shall be well.

Then I stopped myself, deeply conscious of all those in our world who are feeling like very little will ever be well again.

And, somehow, both of those things have truth in them.

More truth, in fact, than I’m sure what to do with.

Here’s what I do know… I am blessed to be able to feed my family. And shelter the dogs. And share groceries with a friend in need.

Tomorrow, the plan is for the girls to help me write postcards to encourage voters in a Congressional run-off.

And there are, of course, more dots to be made.

You and yours are on the list, too.

ps… Watch for my new Shopify store coming soon to a web page near you!

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  1. Seeing family is a great gift. Dots galore and fluff from the one small dog. Life is good.

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