A Sadder Artist but Wiser, Now…

It’s okay. I’m really NOT going to start singing. And, even though many of you know the first part of the story, I truly hope you’ll hang around for the what happened next part!

Yes, as reported in Facebook, I have spent a couple of weeks muddled up in an art scam that almost worked. And I’ve learned some new things. It’s been the old things, though, popping up in my dreams last night, that have been what I really needed and I’m ready to share.

This is, other than paint, some of the best stuff I know!

It started like this…

Somewhere a being capable of email with a woman’s name approached me about buying a piece of my art in a backchannels sort of way. (Unrecognized clue #1!)

We went back and forth for a while (U.C. #2) about payment and postage, etc.

There seemed to be an estate somewhere in the mix. (U.C. #3)

Skipping along over the dull stuff… I finally got a check that was for considerably more money than the price of the original painting. (U.C. #4)

Then – and this is the big clue – lots of pressure about time and some event and blah, blah, blah…

By this point, I was mad. And, blessedly, my kids were here so I wasn’t in the mood to be hassled. Then (You guessed it!) the check was returned by my bank. The $12 this cost me was a tremendous bargain. And, yes, I sent the somewhat redemptive kiss off email.

Then, the dreams…

The primary voice was that of my long term teacher, Dr. H. Stephen Glenn of Developing Capable People fame.

Steve, who spends lots of time sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, reminded me of some things I already know.

  • I stuck with me.
  • I listened to my heart.
  • I remembered that I matter.
  • There’s no such thing as failure… only opportunities to be learned from!

Those are the things I’ll use later today to put new healing energy into my painting and it will be an even stronger witness to what I believe – to what it was meant to be – than it was the first time it was finished.

This, dear friends, is good work! Especially in this world, just now.

So, just in case you, or someone you love, ever has a moment like this, when your Inner Critic seems to be whispering the Why didn’t you…? stuff, I’m happy to lend you Steve.

And, because I believe in all this so much, I just said yes to a chance to do live painting during a virtual post card party for a very cool group of activists known as Envoys for Humanity!

We’re still working on the details, but my Muse is thrilled and I’m totally curious, which Steve would remind us is our best state for learning! (I’ll keep you posted!)

ps… my canvas still needs a bit of touching up, but it feels a lot better now. Just in case you have a project that needs a bit of energy tidying, I’m happy to tell you how I’m doing mine! Just holler. suesvoice@gmail.com

ppsin this moment, it’s back to mountains of laundry, an awesome bowl of scallop soup (!) and some more time exploring how to be my best me.

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  1. You did good Sue and this is a good learning lesson for me and others as well. So thank you. 💗

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