A Visit to Roy G. Biv

Kleenex alert…

We memorized a whole lot of things in my 9th grade biology class.

You probably remember the one about the very educated mother who just served her crowd nine pickles, in which case I suspect you’re still missing Pluto, too.

The entire kitchen patrol company of Girl Scouts business by which we learned the classification of animals and plants wasn’t my favorite. Especially the part about spelling them all in Latin.

I was however, a big fan of Roy G. Biv, also known as the colors of the rainbow.

That was before I knew the legend of our dear fur kids crossing the rainbow bridge when they leave this life.

We had one of those episodes this week when our beloved Sarah passed on. And writing this is hard because Sarah never met a stranger. She loved everybody and many, many of you loved her.

Honestly, I’m not up to all the details just yet. The important part is that the fear and the pain are past.

And, because we live in a house built before the “discovery” of seasonal affective disorder, which we’ve attempted to solve with lots of filtered skylights, there have been what feels like even more rainbows than usual.

There are two things I’m counting on right now. The first is a vision of Sarah romping under the rainbows on a gorgeous beach with a whole tribe of Newfoundland friends.

The second appeared in some words of wisdom from the young man who lives next door and is a paint buddy and a big fan of the studio angels.

“I don’t think you should be sad,” he said. “Sarah won’t hurt anymore.”

“I think you should be happy because of all the people she helped.”

While I’m practicing his particular form of wisdom, I’m painting and then, blessedly, heading off to spend a few days painting and baking and gluing buttons to things with my girls. There will also be swim team involved!

For today, a rainbow for you. And huge hopes for whatever comfort and peace you might be seeking.

Phoebe and Luther will fill you in when they rest up after Camp.

The painting pictured above is a Heart of Gold process known as Our Lady of Flowering Earth, gone completely rogue. I suspect Sarah is in charge!



10 comments on “A Visit to Roy G. Biv”

  1. So much love to you, Sue. I think you’re right about Sarah taking over your painting, her exuberant joy is SO apparent. It sits with your sadness and loss, weaving in between everything else that makes up a full and loving life. Hugs to all of you. Patrice

  2. I am not sure whether or not I knew how close Sarah would be going across the rainbow bridge…I am, indeed in tears. But I will reframe them as tears of joy for having been blessed with her presence and love in my life. May ime with your wonderful girls and family be healing for you.

  3. To Sarah
    we raise a toast,
    or better yet,
    a brush loaded
    with vibrant color;

    arcing across
    the canvas as if
    we were rhythmic gymnasts
    swirling our ribbons,

    worrying not so much
    whether we have
    a clue where this piece
    is going,

    mostly focused
    on channeling
    Newfie enthusiasm.

    “Here’s to you,
    Sarah; to us!

    1. Oh, dear Todd… thank you for totally finding the words… Here’s to Sarah, indeed! Selah.

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