Tea-m Time!

It feels a bit like the Olympics in Grammy-land this week!

Swim meets and practice. Soccer practice. Team pictures. All this activity has had me pondering.

When I was the age my girls are, there weren’t teams for girls to join. At least not that I knew about.

There was gym class which, frankly, I decided might not be my thing right about the time we were supposed to climb ropes.

Later, in my awful blue gym suit, early in high school, I convinced my teacher that it was remotely possible that I might be the exception to the notion that everyone can do a cart-wheel. (I’m pretty sure I was right!)

Frankly, I know a whole lot more about tea time!

This week, watching my girls, I’ve begun to suspect I might have missed a few things so I asked them if we could talk about their experiences as athletes. Here’s some of what they told me…

Both girls (ages 9 and 11), who’ve also done gymnastics, agreed that the best thing about being on sports teams is hanging out with their friends and learning cool new things.

Kenz says Field Hockey is her favorite team because the girls are really nice and it’s just a fun game to play. When asked about her coach, she grinned and said, “My mom is my coach so everything is awesome about my coach!”

Tay likes travel soccer best so far and thinks it’s cool that her coach helps with skills they want to learn. She also says it’s really hot if you play in the summer.

Kenz says it’s hard that sometimes everybody doesn’t get along and sometimes you wish you were a bit better at things like stick work.

Both girls are working hard at specific things and Kenz thinks it’s important to encourage other girls on the team. Tay says sometimes she plays defense when nobody else wants to and tries really hard.

I asked them what they’d say to other girls (and boys) considering team sports and the answer was a resounding, “Yes! Definitely do it!”

And, just for fun, here’s a pic of 3/5 of the family crab eating team!





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