A Place in the (Extroverted) Cosmos

I am, by natural tendency, an introvert. I’m the one pouring tea or doing dishes at church dinners or parties because I feel better when I have a task. I need quiet, reflective, alone time to re-charge when I’ve done too much.

Extroverts, however, are not unfamiliar to me. I’m married to one. Most of our Newfie rescue dogs have been extroverts.

Once upon a time, my official title was Evangelist. This is not an easy function for introverts!

This week, though, I found myself doing an extrovert imitation. It started with patching together homemade hang tags for four of my paintings and helping to hang my first show on a wall made available to me by a generous friend.

While we were hanging things, I met a woman who was prepping for an art bazaar, planned for the next day.

I actually followed her outside, introduced myself and asked about how I might get included in the next bazaar. (Not typical for me!) We chatted, I gave her my info, and she came back inside to see my art.

Since then, I shared my photos on Facebook, designed new hang tags, and stickers for the cellophane bags that hold small matted pieces, got a dear friend to do the layout, and ordered a bunch during the big sale going on at Moo.

I’ve emailed my new friend, the bazaar-organizing woman, about important things like tents and tables.

Along those lines, I’ve chosen a Musea sign to order for my new classroom space.

Spent a great afternoon with one of my paint peeps who is getting ready for a middle school art show.

The washer is washing. The dryer is drying. My studio is set to begin The Gospel According to Her tomorrow.

And, my leg is back on a pillow.

It occurred to me, a bit earlier, that being a member of the Intentional Creativity community is, for many of us, quite like being an evangelist. I just want to share the ways that working with images is changing my life, including my spiritual journey. And, I truly hope, the world my girls will inherit. Even if it means summoning my extroverted alter ego!

For now, I have a workshop to plan and I’m wondering what is calling you forth in your world!

First, one more adventure into the cosmos of extroverted evangelists, just in case you happen to be hunting for an awesome, sturdy phone case for that shiny new iPhone…

The case pictured above shows an under layer of one of my paintings which is known as A Place in the Cosmos. It’s available, along with several other choices, at Fine Art America. Android fans are invited, as well! And, should you not be into cell phones, there are yoga mats and tote bags and throw pillows, too.

Hugs, introverts, extroverts, and even ambiverts, all!



Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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