It’s Wednesday, Again!

As you’ve no doubt noticed, Wednesday comes every week. One day in seven.

Hump Day for much of the Monday through Friday world. (A concept I found difficult in my nursing and preaching days!)

These days, as I’ve mentioned, Wednesdays are Work-in-Progress days. Officially, that has to do with paintings in progress. The ones that we need to get back to, or the ones we’re still listening to for more guidance, or the ones that may be begging for a big, scary glaze and a do-over.

Today, I had a different thought. It came to me while I was washing paint brushes this morning. Seemingly endless paint brushes!

There’s not much thinking involved in washing brushes and, apparently, my mind felt free to wander. And wonder.

What, I wondered, would my world look like if Wednesdays were Life-in-Progress days? Or Being-in-Progress days?

What if Wednesdays were to become days set aside for making progress on my personal journey? Or yours???

Perhaps some journaling. Not because I should, but because I’m curious.

A bit more time on Feng shui issues like closets. Tidying up things that are important but not necessarily urgent.

Possibly, even, sorting the freezers. Not because I’m supposed to, but because knowing what’s in them, and having it all where I can get at it means we’re way more likely to eat what we already have which is all kinds of good news for us and for the world.

Hearth Tending, as it were, for my own hearth.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one wondering!

As I finished up the brushes, and was wiping drips of paint-y water off the counter top, I noticed that I had a visitor. Being observant readers, you’ve probably guessed who!

There she sat, amidst an assortment of hair products, slightly the worse for wear and wiggling her one antenna at me. I dried my hands and tried to pick her up gently for a trip out to the deck.

Instead, she clung, with her bristly legs and feet, to her perch. She was still there when I last checked.

I went, as has become my habit when encountering unexpected friends, to look up the symbolism of grasshoppers.

Here’s some of what I found, courtesy of the mini library known as my cell phone.

Grasshoppers have the ability to leap into space where the mysteries of life exist. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. 

Grasshoppers can only jump forward…not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up she could be reaffirming to you that your are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or… telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you.

This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world.

Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why she is also a symbol of your inner voice. She could be telling you to trust yours. 

All of which sounds okay to me! And I can think of lots of reasons why I might need such a message from a grasshopper these days. I wonder what occurs to you…

(If you scroll on down, you’ll find a place for comments and I’d love to know what you’re thinking! Or you can email me. Or leave a Facebook comment.)

Before I head off to the closet, I’ll leave you with one more thought.

What might things be like if we all chose a day to move forward on some of the places where we’ve felt stuck? If we listened to our own voices? And used our own where we most need to? And helped our kids learn some of these possibilities, too?

I’ll keep you posted!

p.s. I’m delighted to report that our grasshopper friend was gently escorted outdoors and has wandered off in search of her own dreams!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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