Wednesdays Come Faster Than Sundays!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind of doing so far. One of those weeks that remind the preacher inside me that Wednesday feels like it comes around way faster than Sunday! And a clear message that time for reflecting leads to things like blogs and sermons and paintings.

There are several gallons of bone broth (aka Bird Soup!) cooling in the kitchen, a creative process which began with thawing on Monday, and simmering from Tuesday until today, about 24 hours of cook time. Surely, at least some of Heaven smells like this!

I’ve painted on three different projects so far this week.

And, a bit earlier today, I joined some of my paint sisters in a guided visioning journey that had to do with steps into the future and gathering and planting, all of which are happening literally and figuratively in my world, just now.

True confession… I have a tendency to wander off on my own during visioning moments, perhaps because the visual part of the experience is often missing for me.

Today, though, I was struck by a particular phrase.  Something along the lines of:

What is your right pace for stepping in this moment?

My first reaction was a little faster than I can go right now!

I’m still having some challenges with a muscle injury in my calf.

IMG_5967Ever helpful, Luther seems to have appointed himself resident physical therapist. In fact, I leaped over him conservatively 17 times yesterday while I was getting the broth pot going. Everybody knows the best place to lay is in the middle of the kitchen floor, between the sink and the stove!

And, no, Luther has not yet developed a grasp of getting up and moving unless the spirit moves him. (I’m holding hope on that one!)

When I thought a bit more about the stepping question, though, I realized that the answer for me is to just keep stepping.

It really doesn’t feel like a contest, but more a matter of perception.

I’m choosing to perceive myself as a being in creative motion, rather than a being sitting still. (Even when I’m sitting still in the service of moving some more!)

And, speaking of creating… The photo above is a glimpse of one of my CODEX paintings-in-progress.

Before I tell you what it says, let me explain first that Hebrew was not my best academic adventure!

So, allowing for missing vowel points and a bit more proof-painting to come, the word, read from right to left is pronounced ba-rah and means create. 

And here’s the punch line, as it were. I realized, recently, that what keeps me stepping from one stone to another in my world is the deep calling to create everything from paintings to soup to love.

Just between us, that feels like a really good place to be! Where are you noticing creativity in your world?


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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