What Grandmothers Do!

Last night I did what grandmothers do. I wept in relief at the news coverage of the verdict in the George Floyd case, while praying for all of our children in this world. And I got up every twenty minutes or so to wash my hands and baste the chickens roasting in our oven.

And as I wept and basted I thought of the genealogy work I’ve been doing and the fact that, on Monday night, I had managed to work my way back to 20 generations of direct ancestors on my Gramma Elsie’s side of the family. Back to the 1300’s. People with names!

Back to the time when very few women could read and nobody could vote and there was no CNN for everyone to gather around and find out what was happening.

Luther needed water. Great heroes of the American Civil Rights movement spoke. And one of George Floyd’s brothers said, “We’re gonna sleep, but we’ve still got to work.”

And we do.

I don’t know what that means in your world.

I do know that in mine, it means that we have to admit that something is wrong before we can work to fix it.

Monday, I went to see my doctor. I had an earache and chills and a rash on my arm. I’d been doing my usual home remedy routine, including olive oil with garlic in my ear. I wanted it to get better.

But I wasn’t getting there on my own and I’d about exhausted my DIY options. And, most importantly of all, I couldn’t see in my own ear!

A proud possessor of an otoscope, my doctor had a different perspective. I did, indeed, have an infection. And the rash on my arm, along with the odd chills, were pronounced a vaccine reaction.

Now I have different stuff to put in my ear and on my arm. Stuff that came with more information and perspective.

[Time out for a public service message about vaccines… I have strange body chemistry and react to all kinds of things. Frankly, I was surprised I didn’t react to the first shot. PLEASE don’t let the fact that this has been a bit more challenging for me keep you from having a vaccine if at all possible for you. For the vast majority of us, and for all those around us, the risks of not having the vaccine are much greater than the risks of having it.]

Now, back to our story…

As the chickens roasted on, and I cried through CNN, I was hugely proud of and grateful to President Biden and Vice President Harris.

My heart believes that the verdict in this case was what it needed to be for for the memory of George Floyd and for his family. My head knows that our work is far from done.

Kamala Harris said, “A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal justice.”

And Joe Biden assured George Floyd’s daughter that “Daddy changed the world,” calling for a legacy of peace, not violence, in the name of “justice.”

I suspect we’re still going to be working on these issues throughout my life. It won’t be easy.

Here’s one thing I do know. It’s time to teach our children different than so many of us were taught. Not by lecturing, but by modeling. And time to hold not only hope, but accountability.

I’m not the only one with kids growing up in this world!

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pps… long awaited hair cut soon! Fully vaccinated salon! (I’m still on it, Mr. President!)

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach