The Sentence I Never Guessed I’d Write…

I dreamed, this morning, about John Lewis.

Yep. That John Lewis.

And music. And cameras. And paint. And a big, blank canvas.

And people – people I don’t know yet – everywhere. Watching. Me.

It’s not exactly as unexpected as it sounds. You see, yesterday I said YES!

Yes to a new friend.

And yes to painting, live, in an event known as Zocalo Zoom, which I’m only just learning about.

Here’s the short version… Musicians, activists, and me. Virtually gathered for some fun and community and postcard writing.

Yes, the political kind. And not just to our own Senators but to a bunch of pivotal Senators who need to hear our voices.

Primarily, at the moment, on a bill about fixing the filibuster so that the Senate can vote on voting rights. Civil rights. Human rights. Rights the late Rep. John Lewis spent his life on.

My job is to be the artist. I have a plan. Thankfully! But one of the things the plan depends on is me, painting John Lewis’s very recognizable face.

Live. Fast.

And doing it while painting the rest of the canvas, too. Layers to dry. Lot’s of dots to make. Background. Glazing.

Did I mention the dots?

And, you can join in, too!

Here’s all the information.

Phoebe and Luther, the resident Studio Angels, have already signed up and they’re really hoping you will, too!

So is Bella Mama!

And, just in case you might be wondering what Bella Mama, who was once so purple that Bill called her Elvira, is doing in this conversation…

She told me how to do it!

For this moment, some more layers for my Psalms painting. Quite possibly about courage!

And the contest entry to finish.

And, just in case you’re wondering, Why?… that’s easy. I have two granddaughters growing up in this world.

ps… the painting at the top is a Psalm of Creation in progress!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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