Wednesday, 2/10/21

Wednesday is usually a blog day at my house. Never before, though, has it been a day which also included being riveted to CNN‘s coverage of, “The 2nd Trump Impeachment Trial” and painting a canvas flag which will soon be covered in prayer dots.

A friend of mine asked me why I was watching when I already know what I think.

It’s a good question.

My answer – at least the primary one – is just this: One day, my girls, who live closer than I might choose to D.C., might ask me what I think about all of the news. I need to know as much as I can so I can answer their questions if they come.

And so I watch, spattered in paint, big dogs sleeping peacefully at my feet, because prayer is what I have to give. And new images for old.

You see, I’ve been other places before. I’ve been a survivor of domestic violence. I’ve helped surgeons sew injured, battered people back together. I’ve walked with people through trauma therapy. I’ve prayed for and with people burying loved ones. And I’ve stood on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, feeling awed and safe.

And one more thing. I’ve voted. In Georgia, among other places. I’ve voted, knowing that my own Gramma Elsie was 31 years old before she had the right to vote and that I was 7 years old by the time voting rights were “guaranteed” for my brothers and sisters of color.

I grew up learning that Betsy Ross made the first version of the flag we know as the Stars & Stripes. Today, it doesn’t matter so much to me whether that’s fact or legend. Today I have been designing my own flag-inspired image as the trial evidence goes on.

I haven’t gotten far enough so that you can see how much of a challenge it’s been. (The stripes were harder than I planned!)

Here’s what I do know. You don’t get to do what the video footage shows people doing with such glee.

The therapist who lives on inside me suspects that not watching might be wiser. The preacher and grandmother and artist who share space with her need to know how to not wind up here again.

For now, the Impeachment Managers are showing security footage of insurrectionists hunting the Speaker of the House, and the first coat of paint is dry, and my brush is calling.

I’m pretty sure this is how we persist.

4 comments on “Wednesday, 2/10/21”

  1. Yes. This is how we persist.

    I love how you have all these strong women inside you. How they play each other like a good Bridge game.

    Yes we persist in prayer and art.


  2. Dear Sue I’ve seen a lot of the impeachment videos from Australia. Like you I think it’s best to know. I see a time being born where every voice matters and the formerly dispossessed learn that inclusion means taking responsibility to stand for what you want and negotiate. I see a time where “always” voting red or blue gives way to consideration of the issues and the character of candidates. I think of the countries in Europe that have survived fascist or communist dictators and gone on to have complex multi party democracies with a high degree of, often passionate, engagement.. Germany, Italy, Spain.. not perfect! And still having those who favour racist agendas and “would be”autocratic leaders .. but “would be”is the point. As I see it your rich, complex and wonderful country has just lived through four painful years where a would be dictator ran rampage like a school yard bully, terrified career Republicans smiled when he pushed through their agendas but otherwise said little and hung onto their seats for dear life while grassroots, often previously disenfranchised people of colour, joined suburban Democrats in huge numbers to oust him. The extreme right wing support is perhaps also an expression of hurt of feeling no longer included ..There’s a change of administration but still the need for healing and for psychological maturity. Who amongst us does not have an internal tyrant, a “ dictator“ afraid to engage with those with different views from our own? I pray that all of us take our views to the dinner table and the market place and that we take our inner dictators in hand and educate them. This applies to Australians too, all of us living in mature or emerging democracies to all for whom speaking out is not actually life threatening. Tantrums on a large scale, as we so sadly saw in the attack on the US Capitol a month ago, are very dangerous. America will grow from this and actually the rest of us can be grateful to witness and share in your soul searching. It’s actually our story too. Love xxx Vivien

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