Time Traveling…

There are, in this moment, still guys tromping all over the house with ladders and drills. They were supposed to be done. I was supposed to have peace and quiet for writing and painting and hearth tending.

But, things don’t always seem to work out the way I thought they were supposed to. Perhaps you’ve noticed a similar phenomenon at one time or another.

Undeterred, I went searching through my phone for a photo to inspire today’s post, which is kind of opposite from the way it usually works. Somehow I must have pushed a button other than the one I meant to, and I ended up in Italy.

Well, not literally, but definitely in my mind. You see, just a little more than two years ago, I was there geographically and I’ve been thinking about that adventure a lot.

The photo, above, is me on your left with the amazing Shiloh Sophia McCloud. We’re standing on a bridge in Florence (aka Fiorenza!) Italy just a few hours after we met in person the first time. I was already thrilled to be there and I had no idea of the adventures to come.

One of those adventures was a conversation Shiloh and I had one morning out on the porch when no one else was around.

“What kind of images,” she asked, “did you have at your Seminary?”

It’s not all that often that a question leaves me speechless, but that one did.

I thought and thought. And then it came to me.

“None,” I replied. Except for old, super-educated, white men – many of them passed on – gazing down on students either eating lunch or trying to find the book which would answer all their questions in the library.

(I never found that one!)

There are centuries worth of reasons for a lack of images in a seminary in the Reformed tradition. Reasons that I suddenly began, on that trip to Italy, to re-consider. You see, there was no lack of images there.

Much pondering ensued.

Eventually I heard a voice in my head. It was the voice of one of my professors totally freaking me out a few decades earlier by proclaiming a notion from a postmodern linguistic scholar at the University of Chicago who said (as I heard it) language creates reality.

Now, by the time I found myself in Italy, I’d made intellectual peace with that notion. While I was there, I learned that art creates reality, as well!

This is an example. I don’t know the artist’s name, or when this image was painted. I only know that it creates a reality which wouldn’t have occurred to me before I saw it.

Part of that statement comes from genetics. Another part from tradition. And, maybe, just maybe, part of it comes from finally being ready to see what I’d never seen before.

What do you see?

What do you notice and wonder?

I’m really asking. You can scroll down and leave me a comment (which works way better if you’ve clicked the main photo, above, so the elves know you’re in this post) or you can email me. suesvoice@sueboardman.com

It may take a bit for you to let the noticing and wondering become conscious. Really big questions often require a bit of time to settle in.

You can trust me, though, when I tell you it’s totally worth making the room!

ps… I’m making room in my private practice for 3 – 5 women ready to go on an adventure! We’ll use art, images, reflections, and a tool called the Soulful Visioning Process to create a soul satisfying life path of awakening awareness and expression of the Divine Feminine, as you encounter her. (Hint… claiming our SuperPowers® will be involved!) If you’d like to know what that might mean in your world, email me. I’d love to chat about whether this feels like a fit for you!

One comment on “Time Traveling…”

  1. Hi Sue,
    The painting you posted brought deep emotions rising in me as I recall my little one when he was born and little and how much I adored him.
    …I didn’t want to have children – ever – that was not my plan. My plan was to travel the world and live a gypsy life – finding adventure everywhere I was led.
    The deep admiration and connection of the babe and the adult which looks like a woman – is expressed in they are holding each other and expression of their faces.

    I can’t imagine my life without my son…but I can imagine it….

    I’m recalling a line from Garth brooks song “Thankful for unanswered prayers.” My life has taken switched and turns – when I plan it’s when I’ve pretty much been disappointed at the outcome.
    That’s the way my life has been.

    I know there are people who plan every move in their lives – I have close friends and family who have – but that isn’t how my life works –
    That wasn’t in the stars for me and I am now getting grounded in this fact.

    I live my life by creators will only. Sure I’d like to have more plans in place – like I said never worked in my favor –
    Things always seem to come up or happen that I wouldn’t have predicted.
    And if I would have chosen to “stick to a plan” which I had during a couple marriages And jobs that didn’t work out in my plans- it left me spent , exhausted and needing to crawl out from the deep dark pit I found myself.

    Spontaneity, vicarious, whim – in the moment is how I live. I can plan all I want but staying present and in the moment has been where the most enjoyment in life – every single morsel is enjoyed this way.

    This pic reminds me of just that – both people being in the moment and loving each other with everything they have – in this moment.

    Thank you for sharing it and allowing others to share their perspective. Thank you for allowing me to share mine and my story.


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