The Sky is Telling Stories

For years now, I’ve been a fan of the notion that life is for learning.

This is handy because, in my experience, having a variety of teachers leads to knowing more things. For example, I didn’t learn much of anything about astronomy or astrology in nursing school or seminary. And yet it seems that the sky may be teaching us, now! So I headed for my favorite place to learn with awesome sisters, The Red Thread Cafe Classroom.

Once there, I asked for information or sources of information about the batch of eclipses and the solstice and such that seem to be happening just now. Wow, did I get help!

One sister told me about a site called Astrobutterfly where I actually understood a bit of what I read. We’ll return to that in a few minutes.

First a visit to another sister’s question. “Did I,” she wondered, “remember the song, The Age of Aquarius?” (I do!)

And then the suggestion to pay attention to the words.

This was not hard since, as you’ve probably realized, I tend to know all the words of such things. In case you’d like a reminder…

Deep in my inner filing system, along with the words, came two memories.

The first involved a school field trip somewhere around 1969. I was in 5th or 6th grade and there was a special show at the local planetarium. You guessed it… The Age of Aquarius!

This event was memorable for two reasons. The music, and the guy who held my hand during the bus ride on the way back to school.

The second memory came from just a bit after that. A Girl Scout camping trip on some private beach property. We sat around a campfire in the middle of a ring of pup tents, watching the amazing night sky and singing The Age of Aquarius.

And yes, I so totally hope this is real!

Before I began writing, though, a bit more research seemed in order, so I was off to Astrobutterfly.

Wow, is there lots of stuff to learn there, but I have a painting to work on so I tried to focus.

Apparently there is some ambiguity about when, exactly, the Age of Aquarius begins again. Here’s the part that jumped out for me:

As we are shifting from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we will learn that each individual is important – not as an amorphous mass easy to maneuver (Age of Pisces). 

Every single one of us is born for a reason, and we all can bring our own contribution to the development of society. Every single one of us can make the world a better place

I believe that each one of us can make the world a better place and, despite recent national evidence to the contrary, I believe it’s time to focus on the differences each of us can make.

In fact, that’s why we’re having another new event around here! Specifically, a webinar on Sunday, at 1:00 pm, with an art experience and some information on how to move closer and closer to your way of making the world a better place.

Maybe, just maybe, it is the time and we don’t want to miss a chance like that. The first step is easy! In fact, if you’re on the regular email list for this blog post, you’ve already done it.

If not, say if you clicked on this from Facebook or it was forwarded to you, just click the pop up thingie that’s probably been driving you nuts, you know, popping up, since you got here, and sign up for the email list.

That’s all it takes. Then, starting tomorrow, you and everybody already on the list will get all the information you need to join the webinar. You’ll want to hurry, though, since we’re keeping the group small so we can see the art and share the insights.

And, no, you don’t have to have any experience as an artist to fit right in. Honest! I’m so hoping you’ll join us. The world could use a big batch of better about now and I suspect it really is going to take all of us.

Oh, one more thing… this is my first one of these, and it’s a big milestone on my better world path, which is one more reason I hope you’ll join in!

ps… the glimpse of a painting, above, is from the winter solstice, 2018, inspired by the night sky viewed from our back deck. The peace sign is my prayer.

pps… If you have any trouble getting on the mailing list with the pop-up thingie, just email me! Together, we shall be victorious!

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