The Muse has an intern!

So… there’s a lot going on around here, and a lot more hatching, as it were. It seems The Muse decided she needs reinforcements!

You see, I had a dream. (Which feels like a seasonally appropriate kind of event, on the eve of the day when we, in the USA, remember Dr. King!) I suspect though, that my dream may have at least started out a bit differently than his might have.

First, somebody you need to meet and a bit of history…

This is Pearl. She was a gift from an aunt for my first Christmas. I was 10 months old.

Pearl became the friend who helped me get through a childhood full of moves and changes. She was always there. It wasn’t an easy life for her.

To begin with, her brand name from the toy company was Poor Pitiful Pearl. Really! Rumor has it that she came with a fancy dress in addition to the original version of the one in the photo.

My dad, apparently, didn’t like the fancy one. I have no memory of it.

A puppy chewed one of her thumbs off. My sister, who was mad at me, snatched her bald on a bad day.

Years ago, her original dress literally dry-rotted and I whipped up an imitation out of a handy bandana.

Pearl has, apparently been paying pretty close attention lately. You see, there’s been a whole lot of conversation about the new program Pearl’s honorary Aunt Natalie and I are creating.

Things like why it matters – especially now – and who to invite and how to explain what we’re doing.

In my dream, Pearl began with this:

I think your beloveds might relate to my story!

She had a point! And we’ll get to the story in a minute.

First I had to go hunt up our new Intern. She was camped out on top of the dresser in the guest room/closet, looking just like she does in the photo, above. I was shocked by how grungy she’d gotten.

We started with a bath. Then I washed her dress. And re-braided what’s left of her hair, complete with red threads. By then, she was ready to say more. (I could tell she’d been soaking up a lot of what’s been happening around here for the last several years!)

I began with a question: Why now?

There are so many things that feel hard in the world. I’m tired of all the sad, tragic, helpless, hopeless things going on. I’m worried about people who feel like I do. Powerless, I guess. And I want to help. I need to help. I want to help others move on from old labels and losses and fears. To listen to their own deep wisdom.

The next question was obvious: How would you start?

We need to help people remember the magic – the tools – they already have! And make space for anyone who is struggling to admit they have things that they want, even when so many people aren’t here anymore. To remind them that it’s okay to still have dreams and needs, and to ask for help! Besides, some of us are going to have to do more than we’ve been doing… and that sounds scary! Then we’ll go on to new magic!

All of which is quite a mouthful – even in a dream – from a doll in her early 60’s who has clearly been rooting through my bookshelves when I wasn’t looking! And she’s right!

So, Medicine Basket, your way… unsticking stuck ___________________ stuff!

Then, Pearl, who’s on your side, gently suggested that you might be curious about what kind of stuff you could unstick.

That’s easy! Pearl and Natalie and I are so hoping you’ll actually click the button. You see, we do have a dream…

That many, many of us will claim our medicine and get unstuck enough to go for our big dreams! If not now, when???

ps… Pearl has already signed up!

pps… The Muse wants me to remind you that she’s the visionary one in the big painting at the top who was wise enough to expand the team!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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